Younique Announces New Changes to Help Presenters Starting Out

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Beauty product company Younique recently announced new changes to their successful Fast Start Program for presenters. Effective immediately, presenters have the opportunity to earn more rewards and achieve success from the beginning. It is a move the company has worked on for a while to help presenters get to where they want to be faster.

How is Younique incentivizing new presenters to work from home and make the most of a gig opportunity in an industry they love? To start, joining the business now costs just $35. When joining the company, new presenters will receive all the business tools they need to learn about becoming a presenter and earning income. This is the same information offered to presenters in the past, only available at a more affordable entry point than before.

On top of the lower joining cost is a chance to receive a bundle of top-selling products from Younique at a discount. This starter bundle is perfect to begin without making a considerable investment, and presenters will have the opportunity to make the first sale with these products.

New Younique presenters who choose to add using the Fast Start Program will now start earning income with a total investment of just $99. After starting, Younique provides more incentives as time goes on to start earning more money along the way. Rewards also begin trickling in when new sales accumulate. Newcomers have every opportunity to unlock an opportunity to take on a brand new business, or at the very least, make some extra money on the side.

The change aims to inspire a new generation of presenters on the fence about joining Younique and unlocking a potentially life-changing business opportunity. By offering the tools necessary to make faster sales within the first 90 days, presenters feel inspired to stick around. They begin growing their individual business, promoting the brand to friends, family, colleagues, and more. Based on feedback, Younique understands the importance of presenters experiencing success early to realize the power in the product. From there, presenters learn more and more nuances that go along with selling beauty products, crafting their own techniques along the way.

Fast Start is an opportunity for all involved to get the summer months heading in the right direction. All presenters can reach new goals with the changes, and the company believes this is a huge step in ramping up business as a whole.

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About Younique

Younique is a direct sales beauty products company founded in 2012. Since launch, it has evolved into a leading company in the beauty industry, offering products for the eyes, lips, face, and more. With affordable products designed for all demographics, there are also opportunities to work for the company as a presenter to start making money.

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