Do You Know How to Protect Your Home from Rodents?

How to Protect Your Home from Rodents

One of the most effective forms of pest control is ensuring that you don’t get an infestation to begin with! There are certain steps and precautions that you can take, which will significantly reduce the chance of rodents wanting to move into your home and begin nesting and breeding. In a nutshell, you want to make it as undesirable as you can! Fortunately, what is undesirable for rodents, is generally ideal for us, given how we love a nice, clean and tidy space; rodents on the other hand…not so much.

Obviously, if you’re reading this and it’s a little too late, then an expert rat control company (here) will be your best immediate option. You can call for their assistance and they will be able to successfully solve your pest problem and restore your home back to its original, un-infested state. However, if you want it to remain that way, then it’s worth having a read of this article and following these simple pest prevention tips.

1 – Fill Up Any Holes and Cracks in Your Home

If you wish to protect your home from rodents, filling up any holes and cracks in your home is a great place to begin. Fortunately, this is also another great way of keeping creepy crawlies out as well! Go through your home, outside and in, with a fine-toothed-comb and seal the gaps as best you can!

2 – Don’t Leave Food Scraps Lying Around

It’s important to keep a clean kitchen, particularly at night-time when you go to bed. When you’re finished with the cooking, clean your kitchen thoroughly and sweep the floor of any crumbs. If you’re regularly leaving food scraps out, then they’re going to have a field-day!

3 – Don’t Create the Perfect Home for Them

Things like old piled of wood stacked out in your garden is the perfect place for a nest of rats. If that’s the case, then keep it well away from your property. You should also endeavour to clear out your shed and garage of any crap that you don’t need. If it’s collecting dust, it will be an ideal hiding spot for rats to nest and breed.

4 – Trim Trees and Shrubs Near Your House

You’d be surprised by how easy it is for rodents to make it into your home via an open window and an overbearing branch. By having your trees trimmed and cut back appropriately, you’ll be much less likely of being invaded by the little pests!

5 – You Can Set Preventative Traps

If you’re a little paranoid of getting rats, then you could always put some traps down outside your home and in other areas that you think might be a prime spot for them to hide out in. This can be a good way of catching them before the get the chance to next in your home.

By staying on top of rodents and keeping your home clean, you’ll also be protecting yourself and family from the risk of contracting one of the many diseases that rodents carry. Don’t take the risk and keep your home fresh and rodent free! But of course, if you do have your suspicions, contact your local pest control expert today!

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