5 Interesting Design Ideas for Plaques

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Plaques are beautifully designed tablets that feature the name and achievement of the recipient. Plaques and awards are presented to an individual or a group for different achievements they have accomplished. These tablets can be made from wood, plastic, stone, glass, or aluminium.

The options to design plaques are many; you can apply your own creative ideas to ensure your plaque looks very impressive. In this post, we thought we would discuss interesting design ideas for designing your own custom plaque. Personalised plaques are a great way to remind the recipients of their achievements, so it is worth putting a little bit of thought into it.

Here are five great ideas for plaques…

Plaques with Nameplates

Perpetual plaques feature different nameplates that show the names of every member of a group that is recognized for a particular achievement. These plaques can be made from materials such as walnut, cherry wood, or rosewood. The names on the plaque can be highlighted with gold borders along the rectangular sides, and the names stenciled in a matching colour.

Plaques of Different Shapes

Who says a plaque must be rectangular? You can create amazing plaques of different shapes such as oval, shield, diamond, or circular with a base for balance. You can draw attention to the details or message on the plaque by using borders. Depending on the color of the material used, you can choose gold or silver borders. Plaques of different shapes can be designed from wood, stone, or glass.

Custom Designs with Cherry Finish

Plaques with a cherry finish (see more info on this) always look great. They also last a long time because cherry wood is so durable. There are many creative options for designing these plaques. For example, you can blend different shades of plates to create a design with the cherry finish as a background. Plates of different colors such as silver, gold, or black can be placed on the plaque to create a design. The letters written on the plaque can also be stenciled on the cherry finish plaques with a matching color to ensure the words are legible.

Floating Acrylic Plaques

Floating acrylic plaques are also worth considering, and these can be made with rosewood. The information on the plaque is engraved on the acrylic piece, which is secured on the finished piece of wood. You can choose finishing options mentioned above, based on the colour or thickness of the wood. 

Plaques with Marble Finishing

If you are looking for a plaque that will really steal the show, a plaque with marble finishing should be considered. Marble on an award plaque truly signifies the importance of the award being given, according to award.com, so this is a good material to use if the award being given is truly special.

These are just some ideas to get you started! Good luck…



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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