Conserving Financial Independence With a MedicSignal


Post-retirement planning is highly probable to be dead in the water due to the diversiform risks associated with retirement that may include loss of investment money, a stock market crash, a bankrupt pension plan or prolonged illness. As life expectancy continues to improve, there is a proportionate increase in probability of seniors to spend savings on health related issues; greater expectancy reportedly enhances the likelihood of seniors to suffer from diseases or bone fractures. Such bone fractures may not only strain physical independence; costs of assisted living, healthcare and prescription drugs are notorious for significantly effecting financial independence. According to a report namely “The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis”, approximately 45 per cent of the senior citizens in the U.S. anticipate that they will probably have to file for bankruptcy protection in the event of a major health crisis.

The same report also revealed that financial independence is largely at stake; 15 per cent of the average retiree’s annual expenses is used for medication, hospital costs, seeking caregiving services and other health care facilities. To preserve financial independence, it is crucial to consider and address the slightest symptoms of declining health; a medical alert system can accommodate effortless health monitoring. It is of great assistance for family or professional caregivers; saving them from the inconvenience of burning out and resorting to caregiver support groups.

The use of a medical alert system can make caregiving less stressful by allowing caregivers and elderly users to focus on enhancing quality of life rather than constant examination of health.  One of such exemplary alert systems is offered by MedicSignal. The medic alert smart watch by MedicSignal addresses all dilemmas that may be associated with a medic alert smart watch and bring reliance on such a system by caregivers into question. Unlike other medical alert systems, the device facilitates the caregiver and elderly user by providing a multitude of benefits including optimal response time, easy operation by seniors and automated fall detection. The medic alert smart watch provides an all-in-one solution for elderly people subject to assisted living whilst ensuring immunity of financial independence against ruination; the monitoring benefits are corroborated with a simple and flexible pricing plan.

The medic watch is operated through the equipped control panel; the use of which does not require a very tech-savvy person. The control panel allows seniors to add their medical information, disease and allergies, manage emergency contacts and set frequency of alerts. Vital sign monitoring or fall detection is accompanied by GPS that allows caregivers to locate the user within a matter of seconds. Moreover, the loved ones or caregivers are alerted when the smart watch is disconnected from the internet; this service can be suspended from the watch.

The emergency or SOS feature enables users to both send automated and manual emergency alerts. The frequency of sending automated alerts is on the discretion of the user; the medicalert app allows a maximum 10 alarms per day. In case there is no response to the alarm, the saved contacts are sent an emergency alert immediately; the default response time (the time period between the ringing of alarm and the user swiping the screen) is 40 minutes however, it may be changed. The automated alert system is dissimilar to traditional fall detectors which only report falls to caregivers and no other medical tragedies e.g. inability to get out of bed. Such exclusive characteristics make medic alert system by MedicSignal an ideal health monitor for senior citizens.

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