Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers

gifts for swimmers

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, some people are quite good at it while others suck. They don’t know what would make a perfect gift and whether the other person would like it or not. Well the best way to figure out what the other person would most probably like is to find out their hobbies or interest and you can gift them something related to that.

If you know someone who is swimmer then you probably need to gif them something related to swimming. You can give kids inflatable pool floats (example – but we are guessing that a professional swimmer wouldn’t like that as a Christmas gift so you will have to up your game.

In order to help you out we have come up with a list of great Christmas gift ideas for swimmers. These are the basic things that every swimmer would want so if you want to gift someone something then these would be your best choices.

1.     Swimwear

Swimwear is one of the best gifts that you can give to a swimmer. If you think that you friend needs to upgrade his swimwear or just likes to buy different ones then you can gift them a piece that suits their style. You can find a variety of great ones in the market so it would be hard getting something great.

2.     Waterproof Backpack

Swimmers tend to have gear as well just like all other athletes. It might not be as much as the other athletes but it is still there and needs protection. A waterproof backpack comes in handy when it comes to keeping all your swimming gear in one place. So gifting a backup to a swimmer would be a great Christmas gift.

3.     Headband Swim Tracker

A headband swim tracker is like the must thing for every swimmer who wants to improve his swimming technique. It is like the ideal device to track your efforts and training routines. It is completely water proof and different headbands come with different features. One can use it to monitor the heart rate, number of calories burnt and so much more. It is one of the best gifts that a swimmer would like to get.

4.     Swimming Goggles

Most people tend to spend less on swim gear because it costs a lot. If you know a friend of yours that is struggling to see in water then the best gift for him would be a great pair of swimming goggles. They come in quite handy during races and so people like to collect them as well since a number of reputed brands are manufacturing them.

5.     GoPro Hero 3

Some people like to record their training sessions in water, among other benefits (click here for others). If you know any of your swimming buddies who like to do that then the perfect gift for them will be the GoPro Hero 3 (see review here) which is a complete deal. This underwater camera is highly functional. It allows you to record 1080 p for 30fps and capture 5MP photos. It has the ability to go to the depths of 197 meters which is great from wild swimmers. Plus you can sync the device with your smartphones as well.

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