Capturing Websites with GrabzIt


If you are building an app and want to screenshot a website or part of a web page then GrabzIt provides a set of tools to help you create a website screenshot in the form of an image, PDF or DOCX screenshot of a web page.

However often an app is only interested in capturing part of a web page such as a chart or map. Fortunately, GrabzIt can restrict the conversion of any single section of a web page that can be uniquely identified by a Class or ID within the web page.

GrabzIt creates a screenshot by loading the website in a custom browser from multiple locations around the world. If you don’t want to choose a particular location then the location closest to your target website will automatically be chosen to decrease the amount of time it takes to generate the screenshot.

In fact, GrabzIt’s tools have had many improvements made to increase its speed and reliability. To make the best website screenshots possible. GrabzIt also uses a large bank of screenshot capture servers to ensure there is always enough capacity to meet our customer’s demands. This is further backed up by a large number of fall back systems to ensure that GrabzIt is always ready to create our customers screenshots.

Data security is an ever-present concern in today’s world. To combat this, screenshots created by GrabzIt can be secured in numerous ways depending on a customer’s requirements, in addition to our already secure servers. Each security layer added can add more protection but often comes at a performance cost. How a screenshot can be protected is to enable SSL security, disable screenshots being cached. Password protecting PDF and DOCX files or encrypting the entire capture using a special encryption key that only you know.

To get started on how to add GrabzIt to your app follow this documentation on how to use the website screenshot API.

If however, you don’t want to write any code to convert websites into screenshots it is also possible to create website screenshots by using GrabzIt’s Screenshot Tool. This online tool provides all of the features of GrabzIt’s API but through an easy to use interface, including the ability to perform bulk conversions.

GrabzIt provides a truly powerful website conversion service, which is highly customizable, too customizable to be fully detailed in any article to discover all of the options available from GrabzIt please check out our website.

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