Breeze: Valorant Map Guide

     It has almost been two years since Valorant’s official release back on June 2nd 2020. The game has been a great success, bringing in many players onto its unique battlefields to engage in epic Gun fights for supremacy, says With the first ever anniversary looming ever so close, there is much to be expected from Riot for this game which combines elements from various FPS games.

What’s the deal with Breeze? 

     There is little time to relax and enjoy the sights at Breeze, because it becomes a gruesome battlefield the very second each round starts. Breeze is a very beautiful and colorful map though. If you get the chance to be an Observer in a Custom game, switch to Ghost mode and explore its many wonders. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

     Unlike with Icebox’s release, many players loved the Breeze map. It is a tropical paradise in the middle of the ocean, complete with seaside caves, historic ruins, washed up garbage, stranded ships, a little civilization and its very own set of mysteries. Breeze is one big map, considering all the maps available in Valorant so far. The Plant sites themselves are pretty big, making it impossible to cover a site with certain Agent Ultimates (like Viper’s and Killjoy’s).  

     But of course, this means it is a great map for Operator players. More often than not in Breeze, players will be engaged in Mid to Long range gun fights.This map is also very different from all the other maps in terms of design, layout and structures. There are so many new meta compositions and plays made possible from these factors. 

The General Layout

     The Breeze map has the standard two Spike Plant sites (A and B) and the ever contested long-range Mid. In the middle of the A and B sites is the traditional Mid area which can lead to both sites from the sides and the flanks. Mid control is key in Breeze, and generally whichever team seizes control over Mid in this map has a high probability of winning the round. 

     Be it for the Attackers or the Defenders, the routes of entry into the sites from Mid are crucial points to keep control over. Like mentioned earlier, Mid is highly long range, making it the ideal location for Operator players. They can hold specific long-range angles, be it Attacking or Defending, and get key entry frags. To counter these Operators, Smokes and Blinds are vital. If the person holding Mid dies or is forced to fall back, this will cause major distress for their team.

The key areas and Gimmicks of Breeze

The Chute
  • One of the most unique features of the Breeze map that throws many players off the first time is the Chute. 
  • This Chute is the unique gimmick of this map, which is the trap door found in the A Hallway. Players can use this to quickly get into the Mid area. When a player falls through this Chute, a unique sound is heard in the vicinity, making it easy to detect, but it could still lead to interesting outplays.
  • Whether it is to get the jump on opponents, to make a quick escape or to have faster rotations on both attacker and defender sides, this short-cut can prove vital.
  • Breeze has wide open space when compared to the other maps, it has limited tight corners and hallways.
  • Middle is an absolute wide open space that gives Operators plenty of chances to pick off Attackers or at times, even Defenders. As such, the Mid position must be fulfilled. 
  • Operators have the capacity to act as the sole anchor in the middle, maintaining full control. An Operator master who can consistently keep control over Mid can more or less carry their team to victory in this round. 
  • When Attacking, this setup can prove deadly and very tricky.  
  • If a team wishes to successfully navigate and control this area on Buy rounds, they need to utilize plenty of Smokes, Covers and Utilities to traverse this battlefield.
  • Rushing A or B is not advised on Breeze, it is more in line with Ascent’s style of play, with a lot of emphasis on Mid.

The Spike Sites 

     Both bomb sites have very unique features which allow for many unique plays by various agents and strats. 

A site
  • The main feature of this site are the two tall pyramids in the centre of the planting area.  When Defending, this site can prove quite difficult to hold as the shallow water surrounding the pyramids make movements clearly audible to oncoming Attackers. 
  • Staying close to the planting area here is a very risky move and must only be done with careful planning or the right cover utility. 
  • The orthordox shape of the pyramids form very risky peaking positions as well.
  • Mobile and gutsy Attackers can use the Mid entrance into A to pincer and choke the Defenders with ease, once again proving how vital Mid control is. 
  • Additionally, maintaining control over the catwalk is vital for both sides as it is a secure location to engage and disengage, with ample cover to boot. 
  • There are also many boxes and structures to take cover behind, making way for some orthordox angels to hold and to take opponents by surprise. This aspect forces Attackers to use up some Utility to clear certain corners. 
  • A Recon Bolt from Sova will do wonders as always, but it can never cover them all. Not being stingy with Utility is a key to victory here.
B site 
  • The B site’s main attraction is the Central Tall Tower with a few scattered cover around it. 
  • It is generally considered Attacker sided, as it is quite easy to take with limited Utility, preferably a one Smoke or Blind. 
  • Defenders need to be ready on-point, near the planting area while holding tight angles and using their Defensive utility. 
  • A lack of Defending utility can prove fatal and retaking this site is no easy task either. Once the Attackers straddle into the site, contesting them is highly risky. 
  • Most fights here are going to be mid or long range, making Operators, Phantoms, Vandals very viable.

The Ultimate Point Orbs 

     Both of the Breeze map’s Ultimate Orbs are easily available for the Attackers’ picking.

The A site orb is all for the Attackers while the B site orb requires some Utility to be spent as cover. Getting the orbs is extremely risky for Defenders and is honestly not worth the risk unless their ult is like one point away and is crucial for the round.  

Team Comps

     The many Agents of Valorant provide a diverse array of abilities that can win you the game. This fact does not change on Breeze, which is a wide open Map. 

     Controllers, Initiators and Sentinels are vital parts of the Team composition who can quickly gain control of areas and hold strategic positions. As usual though, a good team comp is one which comes with two Duelists and three support roles. 

The best Agents for Team comps in Breeze?

Agents listed below can thrive on this map due to their Abilities:

  • Jett
  • Viper
  • Raze
  • Skye
  • Sova

Following Agents can do well or decent on Breeze:

  • Astra
  • Yoru
  • Cypher
  • Sage
  • Omen
  • Reyna
  • Brimstone
  • Killjoy
  • Phoenix

     Agent complexity and handling are the same as always, if you’ve already mastered the agent, you can improvise and adapt to Breeze’s unique setup as necessary. An ideal comp will include two Duelists, two Initiators and one Controller. 

     On that note, Viper is a high difficulty agent but is at home on Breeze. Her range and abilities can do wonders on this map; with her recent buffs she is far more than a simple threat in Valorant. She can divide wide open spaces and obscure vision to minimize the number of risky angles. A great counter to Operators too. She can also hold the B site easily on her own. She can take control to the next level simply by holding the right positions, so it means Viper is one of the best agents to provide fast Valorant boost.

In conclusion, Key Points to remember:

  • This is an Operator map due to its many long-range fights.
  • Mid control is vital, there is no way to avoid this. 
  • Sites and areas are highly spacious, with little to no short-range fights.
  • Visually breaking up large open areas using Hero utility is key.
  • The Spawn Barrier positioning makes way for swift opponent encounters from the onset. 
  • Since the Map is relatively new, we can expect slight alterations to it in due time. On that note, Breeze is not included in the first ever LAN Valorant tournament in Iceland.

     Thus concludes this Valorant Map Guide for the all new map Breeze! We hope this article came in handy as you adapt to the new tropical paradise. And if Thanks for reading!fa

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