Apple Vs. Android Smartphones

Apple Vs. Android Smartphones

When it comes to the newest smartphones there are only really two operating systems to choose from Apple and Android. Despite both phone operating systems have been around for over 10 years now, people still want to know the differences between the two. It can be hard to pick which phone you want when both sides have their benefits.

Read below to know the difference between an Apple phone and an Android so you can make an educated purchase.

Apple’s iOS

Apple makes the iOS operating system and only allow it to be utilized on their own devices. That means if you want to have a phone that runs their popular operating system, you are going to need to buy one of their phones. At the same time though, Apple also produces computers and tablets that share a fairly similar operating system. You can near seamlessly move between your phone and computer when they are all Apple devices.

When it comes to getting the latest and greatest OS, most iPhone devices are compatible with new updates. The problem you will encounter is that apple slows your phone down. Once you have updated there is no way to go back. Sometimes this is because older devices aren’t capable of running new apps and firmware but at other times it is due to Apple purposefully slowing down devices so that they can run the new operating systems.

At anyone time Apple has two to three new iPhone available on average. As of writing this there is the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. Because they only have two phones that allows for great hardware and software control. You don’t have third parties making poor quality devices. This has also lead to having plenty of accessories available because manufacturers don’t have multiple models to design for.

Android OS

On the other hand we have Google’s Android operating system. Android is an open source platform and as such there are a lot of different variations available. Some companies install a stock (basic) version of Android on their devices while others will modify it first.

When Google releases a new version of Android it takes a while for it to get to older phones. Brand new, big name phones will get the latest Android OS while others will have to wait. Most phones take months before they update to the latest version of Android. The time between updates allows phone makers to tune a version of Android specifically to their device. Something that Apple doesn’t completely do.

Hundreds if not thousands of different Android models are available around the world. You may recognize some of the bigger brands such as Samsung (, LG, and MOTO. But those are only a small fraction of the manufactures. More and more companies are coming out with cheaper phones, some of them are high quality cheap phones while others are very basic.

Consumers who choose to shop for Android devices enjoy the flexibility of being able to select from a large number of phones. Those who can’t afford an iPhone that costs almost $1,000 can buy a powerful Android phone for much less. Some of the lesser used Android phones may have less accessories available but for the most part they share one of two chargers with other Android devices.

Picking the newest phones, like these, can be quite difficult in a day where there are a plethora of phones released every year. Being able to narrow your choices down between Apple and Android though can help you quite a bit. If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments down below.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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