7 Tips For Making Your Living Room a Social Space

stylish living room

The living room is truly the soul of the home. It’s where you rest in the evening, entertain guests and watch the members of your household grow. Because of the many roles your living room plays, you want this space to be as social as possible. Today we are going to look at our living room differently and implement these 7 tips to transform your living room into a more social space. 

1. Position Your Furniture to be Conversational

Is your living room open and positioned to invite others into space? Too many homes have their chairs and furniture facing their television and detracting from the social potential the room possesses. Sure, there will be times when you sit down to watch television but isn’t the room more frequently used to look at and connect with your household and the special people you invite in? Experiment with a few arrangements around a coffee table and test them out in the evening with your friends and family.

2. Open Plan Layout

Almost every new home build is designed to be an open plan, connecting the living, dining and kitchen spaces so that mealtime can be one that is collaborative and social. If you are in an older home that does not subscribe to this flow, see what you can do to improve the flow of your living spaces. With some careful manoeuvring, see if you can design this open plan layout that will promote mingling at your next soiree.

3. Consider the Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements is something that many entertainers get wrong. If you are having four people over, you are going to need more than five chairs to accommodate everyone and yourself. It’s not very pleasant or social to have everyone squeezed on a couple of sofas, so get creative and introduce some large, plush cushions for the floor or a few stools into the mix. Not only does this create levels and dimensions in your space, but everyone is comfortable feeling spread out in their own domains.

4. Perfect Your Temperature

You might not have expected to get this technical with your living room, but what is the temperature like in this room? Too cold, too warm, and anything other than perfect is going to undermine the beautiful space you are trying to achieve. Ask your friends and family honestly what they think of the temperature and set about correcting this with small cooling and heating units, or even a few throws and blankets for the living room.

5. Keep Your Entertainment Close

Every social gathering is always a number of drinks away from playing charades or cracking into a monopoly game. Fit-out your living room with a draw or shelf dedicated to social games that you can get into when the time is right. Try and have a nice variety of traditional and cheeky games to suit all your guests and prepare for a hilarious night in.

6. Music Connectivity

Isn’t it seamless when you go to a friends house and they ask you to connect to their Bluetooth and then you can play your music through their system? It’s not very hard to achieve this at your home, and home speakers are continuing to see a price drop as more and more options enter the market. Music connectivity will really get the party started and it beats playing music through your smartphone or television.

7. Consider a Cocktail Cart

There is nothing chicer than having a cocktail cart and the novelty will never wear off with your guests either. Show off your range of spirits and fine wines, and set the cocktail cart up with fresh fruits and garnishes before your guests arrive so they can fix themselves a cocktail. If you haven’t got a cocktail cart, see if there is a small table in the house that you can repurpose for this cause. 


This is just skimming the surface of what is possible for your living space, with so many other design features and decisions able to achieve a living room that feels completely changed and ready for the next dinner party.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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