6 Myths About Caviar


There is no doubt that caviar is one of the finer things in life. It’s a seafood delicacy that should be enjoyed by anyone who’s willing to give it a chance. However, caviar has a reputation for being too expensive or that it shouldn’t be bought online. These myths are far from the truth and we’re here to break them down for you so you can enjoy your caviar worry free.

“It’s Not Healthy”

Caviar is known to be packed with omega-3 fatty acids which is a huge benefit when added into a person’s diet. Omega-3 helps promote a healthy heart and is known to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It’s also known to help lower blood pressure. Additionally, caviar is filled with vitamins and minerals such as selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin E and vitamin A. So, the next time you hear someone question the nutritional value of caviar, you can know that they are wrongly informed.

“It’s Too Expensive”

Caviar has a reputation of being a very expensive, gourmet type of food. However, it all depends on the type of caviar you are buying. Yes, some caviar prices are astronomically high, but more commonly you can find caviar for $35-$75 per ounce making it available for just about any budget. It will all depend on the type of sturgeon and where it was harvested from.

“It’s Cruel”

Depending on where caviar is harvested from, it can be known as cruel. However, most of the fishermen and companies that harvest caviar take the female fish and put it under anesthesia. Then they will remove the egg pockets and return the fish back where it came from. So essentially, no harm is done to the fish.

“It Should be Chewed”

Believe it or not, but caviar is not meant to be chewed. To consume caviar, you’ll want to use your tongue. The reason is you have taste buds on your tongue and not your teeth. When you chew the caviar, it can lose a lot of its flavor and take away the experience of eating it. A lot of the time people will compare caviar to wine. The aromas should be enjoyed and cherished before actually consuming it. To do so, take a spoonful of caviar and hold it under your nose to take it all in. Then place the caviar on your tongue while breathing in to take advantage of all the flavors and aromas that come with it.  Avoid chewing it and don’t be worried about choking. Caviar is too small to choke on.

“It Shouldn’t be Served Cold”

When we heard this one, we cringed a little. Caviar should be served cold and it’s as simple as that. Yes, ice cold. This myth started going around when people realized the risks of eating caviar from frozen, but frozen and ice cold are completely different. Frozen caviar that is consumed can cause a health concern risk, but caviar doesn’t freeze until about 27 or 28 degrees. Storing and serving caviar at ice cold is the best recommendation to enjoy it the way it should be.  

“You Shouldn’t Buy it Online”

There are so many places you can get caviar and buying it online is definitely one of them. In fact, most caviar enthusiasts will swear by buying caviar online and recommend it. There are so many benefits to buying caviar online that it makes it seem like a no brainer. Sure, enjoying caviar at your favorite restaurant is an enjoyable experience, but being able to enjoy it from the comfort of our own home can’t be beat. Buying caviar online offers the benefits of quality, freshness, selection, and convenience. 

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