5 Tips for Beard Care

how to look after your beard

Nowadays beard is at the top of Men’s fashion. Many fashion-conscious men are growing a beard full of cheeks. One statistic found that men with beard are 53% or more aristocratic than clean shaved men. Boys of all ages are now keeping beard and they feel comfortable in it. Many people think that manhood is manifested in keeping the beard. Many people also keep the beard as a style. Companies like just for men beard (more info here) has also understood this and came up with decent products.

Anyways, you can’t grow good bread by accident, additional care is needed for it. It is important to take care of the beard to enhance the beauty of it and make it more attractive.

5 Tips for Beard Care

Keep Your Beard Clean

It is very important to keep your beard clean if you are planning to grow your beard, according to MensHealth. For keeping the beard soft and prevents itchiness, we should keep the beard clean. Like hair, clean the beard regularly. Clean them properly after every meal.

Thousands of dead skin cells, dirt, dust, sweat, bacteria are stored in a healthy men’s beard. These dead skin cells cause irritation of the beard and lead to the feeling of itchiness, which is very annoying and sometimes the beard is broken due to the dead cells. So, if you want to avoid this kind of problem, clean the beard regularly.

Do not use regular hair shampoo which contains a lot of chemicals for cleaning your beard. It strips away the natural oils from your beard and makes your beard dry and brittle. Use a natural beard shampoo which makes your beard soft and smooth without washing the natural oils produced by body.

Beard should be washed around 2 or 3 times in a week to keep it clean, overdo of it will result in dry beard and skin.

Eat Healthy

Two-time world beard champion Jack Passion says that, ” In order to grow and maintain a great looking beard focus on your health because if you are healthy on the inside, you’ll grow nice hair”. That means if you eating a healthy diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promotes hair growth, you will get the maximum potential.

For a healthy beard, we need to supply the right vitamins for them. we can supply these vitamins by consuming the right foods and supplements that contain vitamins minerals, Zink, protein etc.

We should also avoid drinking too much alcohol for healthy growth beard.

Use Beard Oil

To keep beard shiny and soft beard oil plays a very important rule. Natural oils of beard washed away due to the use of shampoo. So, it is very important to apply beard oil regularly for proper growth of beard. Beard oil provides useful nutrients to your beard it desperately needs.

There are many benefits of beard oil. Such as

                        1. Moisturize beard and facial skin.

                        2. Repair split ends of beard.

                        3. Makes beard softer.

                        4. Remove beard-druff.

The best time for applying beard oil is after a shower.

Brush and Comb Your Beard

Regular brushing promotes beard growing by increasing blood circulation. It also gives the beard growth’s a direction which is great for shaping by evenly distributing natural skin oils.

You should comb your beard for the same reasons you comb hair, to remove any tangles and look perfect. With the help of a comb, you can style your beard whatever you like.

Do Regular Trimmings

Many of us do not know that trimming is not only done just in hair. Trimming is also needed for growing beard. This is true and tested that the growth of the beard can be kept normal by regular trimming. The beard needs to trim at least once per month if you want it to look sharp and presentable.

More beard tips can be found at https://www.gq.com/story/beard-grooming-facial-hair-shaving-trimming.



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