4 Reasons Why You Should Play Path of Exile

path of exile gameplay

Inspired by Diablo 2, Path of Exile was created by Grinding Gear Games (Wikipedia). As soon as it was launched back in 2013, it took the world over as the number of people playing the game skyrocketed. So much so, that within the first few hours, more than a 100 thousand players joined this fantasy world looking for a little adventure and thrill. This makes you question, what is so appealing about Path of Exile; why do people play it? Here are a few reasons why…

It is Absolutely Free

It is not often than you find ARPG games that are completely free to play but Path of Exile is the exception. No matter where the player is located, they don’t have to spend a single penny on the game in order to start, or continue playing it. The game in its entirety can be accessed without any exchange of money.

There are still opportunities through which you can support the company by paying to get access to things like armour sets, enhanced spells, stash stubs and the like. However, this is just a matter of personal preference – the game can still be played for free.

There Are Opportunities to Make Money

Given the fact that there are ways through which you can spend money on certain features of the game, like spells and armour sets as mentioned above, there are also opportunities to make money. Specific game items, spells and assets can be sold to different players through platforms like Eldorado.gg and the like. This is one of the major reasons why Path of Exile is such an enticing game as well; the opportunities to progress in the game are not limited –they may even come with financial gain.

You Can Play in the Leagues

One of the best features of Path of Exile (full review at https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/23/path-of-exile-review-2018) is considered to be the leagues. Leagues allow for players to embark upon new and completely different adventures every few months and compete with one another to see who finishes first or with the highest points. Additionally, the fact that entirely new stores and game systems are introduced every time a new league appears is one of the most exciting experiences of taking part.

The Way the Economy is Set Up

Path of Exile has an interesting approach to the way the economy is run in the game. Instead of having actual gold or currency, value is placed onto game items instead. These items not only act as currency, but they also have certain abilities in them – they can modify or upgrade items. Due to the fact that this PoE currency (here) is constantly used, and exchanged, it never stays within the economy, thus reducing inflation in the game as much as possible. This protects all players from exceedingly high prices in the game.

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