Why You Should Consider Marcasite Jewelry…

Marcasite Jewelry

If you are on the lookout for jewelry that looks great, but doesn’t break the bank, then you should consider Marcasite Jewelry. Marcasite jewelry can be best described as jewelry which is manufactured from pyrite. Marcasite jewelry is not actually made from Marcasite, as the name hints at.

Pyrite shares a lot of the same properties as Marcasite, according to Wisconsin.edu. But, Pyrite tends to be a lot more stable. It is also considered to be more robust and not as brittle. It is normally manufactured by taking the time to set tiny pieces of pyrite into another precious metal, such as silver. Sometimes this is glued in rather than setting it.

Marcasite jewelry has been popular for centuries and is known to have existed in the time of Ancient Greece. Arguably, its popularity peeked in the 18th century, as well as during Victorian times. In fact, when Prince Albert of the United Kingdom passed away in 1861, we know that Queen Victoria began a long period of mourning, and told all her staff to wear black and not to wear jewelry that was considered to be flashy. In this time, Marcasite became the norm as an understated alternative to more high quality jewelry to respect Victoria’s wishes, according to https://www.historyextra.com/period/victorian/prince-albert-the-death-that-rocked-the-monarchy/.

Here are a few pieces of Marcasite Jewelry you may wish to consider buying, which are made by Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry specialists Hong Factory (https://www.hongfactory.com/)…

Marcasite Jewelry Necklace

This necklace is available with different stones. Green Agate, Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Onx, Pink Mother of Pearl, Red Agate and Turquoise are all possible in this style of necklace. My personal favourite is the Pink Mother of Pearl stone, which matches the intricate criss-cross design rather well.

A Marcasite Pendant can also be a nice piece of jewelry to wear. I like the Infinity Sterling Silver Pendant, which can signify everlasting love and commitment. It is a great gift to give your other half to show them how you truly feel.

Marcasite Jewelry Bangle

Another piece of Marcasite jewelry to consider are bangles. I had a look through the bangles on offer from Hong Factory, and I especially liked this bangle which has a number of different stones inset into the bangle itself. It is certainly well worth considering.

Why don’t you have a browse of the collection available at HongFactory.com and see what you think is best? Let us know what your favorite piece of jewelry is.

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