Why Buy Custom Cable Assemblies from a Leading Custom Cable Manufacturer?

Are you looking for a reliable custom cable manufacturer?

PacRad has the solutions you seek for building any type of custom cable assemblies. You can rest assured that a trustworthy and professional team is in charge of building your custom cables and delivering it on time, every time.

Why should you choose Custom Cables from PacRad?

PacRad cables offer solutions for difficult applications where off-the-shelf cables will not be able to meet your requirements. We can even manufacture any type of special cable that you may need for a unique specification.

  • Our cables are completely tested and hand crafted for quality performance
  • Our wide range of cable assemblies and custom cables are used for professional applications in Audio, Video, Broadcast and Data applications
  • Our most popular products are Digital audio cables, Analog audio cables, Digital audio snakes, Analog audio snakes, DMX cables, Mic cables, SDI BNC cables, HD cables, RG58 Antenna cables, XLR, DB9, Bantam, Patch cords and more

Reasons to Choose Custom Cable

  • Durability and Longevity: Our custom cables can be designed to be both water proof and tear proof. Additionally, they can be built to withstand cold, heat, rain and exposure to dust as well as excessive vibrations. Since they are made to resist a specific environment, they are more durable than their generic substitutes.
  • Optimal Performance: When you have your cables custom made, you are able to specify the exact tolerances as well as have total control over the material and design of the cable. Since these cables are built to the specifications required, they deliver superior performance during application.
  • Speed and Connectivity: The performance of your application is only as good as the cables that are used. Poor quality cables can result in low networking speeds and poor connections. Custom cables elevate performance, speed and improve connectivity.
  • Cost Savings: With custom cables you are sure to save money and time since you will save on cable replacement costs and system breakdowns.

Why choose PacRad as your leading custom cable manufacturer?

  • Highly trained and skilled professionals – When dealing with PacRad, you are assured of the reliability of years of knowledge and expertise that we have in building custom cable solutions.
  • Quick lead times – Do you need a quick turnaround for a cable to meet your requirement? We’ve got you covered. We can promptly get you pro-quality custom cables and you can even re-order past cables within no time.
  • Full-service solution – With our custom cable builder you have complete control on the material, design and labelling of your cables.
  • Small minimums – To meet all your AV integration needs we take up custom cable orders for any number, whether it is one specific cable or an order of a thousand, we are there to fulfill your custom cable requirements.

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