Top Plugins for Improving the WordPress Admin Panel

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Want to level up and personalize your WordPress admin panel but do not know how to get started? Worry no more! Here, we have gathered the top plugins that will improve your WP admin dashboard. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Ultimate Dashboard 

Of course, you want the best plugins for your WP admin panel. Ultimate Dashboard got you covered. 

Developed to provide the best client experience, Ultimate Dashboard replaces default WordPress widgets with something you preferred. 

Who says customizing your WP dashboard is complicated? Ultimate Dashboard makes everything less confusing. You can add your CSS to the WP admin area like a pro. 

Ultimate Dashboard is also feature-packed. It can import or export dashboard settings and widgets. It can remove the Screen Options and Help tab, too. 

It is available in a free and PRO version. While the free version leads to bigger savings, the features are limited.

So, it is time to upgrade to the PRO package. Although it may cause you a fortune, its features make the cost worth it.

With the PRO version, you can enjoy responsive multisite support and contact and video form widgets. 

Frontend Dashboard

Have you been searching for a lightweight plugin without a good result? Worry no more! Frontend Dashboard will be an excellent choice you deserve. 

Compatible with WordPress 5.0, it also works with the CMS’ newest default WYSIWYG editor – Gutenberg. 

But how does it work? Well, it allows content creators/bloggers to have complete control over the design and information for all of their Frontend pages. 

Frontend Dashboard enables users to upload necessary files from the frontend or design a personalized profile. It also supports shortcodes to generate reset or login forms and offers its valued clients the option to include accurate and quick translations. 


You run a multi-author website. But that is not an excuse to have a messy and disorganized admin area. 

Perhaps, you are one of those people with the same problem. Maybe, you have tried to address the issue. How’s the experience? If nothing worked, even if you have spent your resources, Adminimize comes to your rescue. 

It can transform a disorganized and dull admin panel into something more functional and sophisticated. It gets rid of any unnecessary settings and items according to your requirements and objectives. 

Usually, the admin dashboard is filled with rarely used elements. Adminimize strives to help people make their interface more functional and cleaner. 

Adminimize is also used to add extra security to blogs, multi-author websites, and other platforms. 

With WordPress’ existing WYSIWYG HTML editor and Adminimize, your pages and posts will stand out from the competition. 

WP User Frontend Pro 

Are you looking for a one-stop plugin for your WP admin panel? WP User Frontend Pro should be on top of your list. 

As a perfect addition to your HTML editor, WP User Frontend Pro is the go-to choice for creating responsive registration forms, compelling content, and stunning sites without any coding knowledge required. 

Before, people needed to use shortcodes to create forms. Everything changed with plugins like WP User Frontend Pro. 

Whether you do not have prior coding experience or are eager to customize your admin panel, WP User Frontend Pro is an excellent alternative. 

Available with payment gateways, the plugin is secured, giving its clients peace of mind. It is also designed with a drag and drop functionality that is easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. 

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

Nothing is more fulfilling than a stylish WP admin panel, and Ultra WordPress Admin can turn it into a reality. 

Although it cannot compete with other plugins in terms of advanced features, Ultra WordPress Admin Theme excels in improving the WP panel/dashboard’s aesthetic value. 

It is home to unlimited color options, which are vital for a unique and stunning color scheme. You can also get full access to three built-in themes and white label branding features. 

That’s not all! You can personalize the login section, admin top bar, and footer, creating your brand. So, what are you waiting for? If you have invested in a WYSIWYG editor, it is time to direct your attention to Ultra WordPress Admin Theme – one of the top plugins for admin panels. 

Dashboard Commander

WordPress dashboard comes with Recent Comment Widget, Right Now Widget, and more. While the variety of widgets can be an advantage, it will be difficult to control them. This is where Dashboard Commander can play a significant role. 

Once installed, managing built-in and registered widgets to your website will be more comfortable.

Dashboard Commander also gives users the option to hide a specific widget, making your dashboard interface pleasant, nice, and well-organized. 

User Role Editor

User Role Editor has gained immense popularity in the world of CMS for a reason. It is the sought-after option for content creators who need to change all their users’ default roles in their platform and offer them privileges to work on your website without a trouble. 

How does it happen? With the plugin, you can assign a user to add any media file to your site, edit pages, and update posts. 

Also, you do not need to spend a day doing that. User Role Editor allows you to perform any of these operations by ticking on the right boxes. 

User Role Editor comes with various subscription plans, including Personal, Business, Unlimited, Personal Lifetime, Business Lifetime, Unlimited Lifetime. 

If you are on a tight budget, the Pro Personal subscription plan is for you. 

Ultimate Client Dash 

Another advanced plugin to create a dashboard on your WP site is Ultimate Client Dash. 

If you have used a plugin before and are a bit disappointed with its performance, Ultimate Client Dash is different. 

A versatile option to consider, Ultimate Client Dash is developed to personalize the default WP dashboard appearance, add an under maintenance or coming soon page, gain control/manage user capabilities, and add a landing page. 

It is also easy to customize the majority of elements in your site, including the logo, footer, and top admin bar. Adding a responsive, mobile-friendly, and interesting theme to your admin panel will also be fun and simple. Thanks to its styling options. 

What else? You can integrate Ultimate Client Dash with Google Analytics to track every visitor’s information with accuracy. Plus, you can add social media buttons to your WP admin panel to boost website traffic and internet visibility. 

What’s Your Choice? 

With a lot of options to pick from, you are probably confused. How much are you willing to pay? Are you on a budget? Are you ready to spend more on a plugin? Identify your needs before jumping to conclusions/coming up with a decision. You can also read some reviews online for more details. 

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