Things to Consider When Choosing Disposable Coffee Cups

Any café or food store owner will tell you that picking disposable cups is not easy. The cups are the packaging for your product, and every good business person knows the place of packaging in marketing. It’s part of what will make your business sell. The coffee cups are not just there to hold the drinks, but they represent your shop out there. Therefore, how you want prospects to view your business will depend on how appealing your disposable cups are.

Ever walked to someone’s office, and on their desk is an empty coffee cup, but they don’t care about displaying it openly? That’s the impact your branding can have, and imagine how many new customers would be interested.

When choosing the disposable cups for your café, consider the following

The size 

When it comes to coffee, you need to have options for all sizes; small, medium, and large. Customers will expect all these options, and therefore not having one is a disappointment and could turn off many customers. Having one size limits the number of customers you attract, and that will affect your profits. You should even try out some large servings to take care of your customers who prefer large quantities. Having all the sizes sends a message to your customers- that you care and are always thinking about them.

The material

All disposable cups are made of paper, but they are made differently. Some are made with quality material, while others have quality paper. Customers want cups made of durable and food-grade paper that can hold hot drinks for long. They are also looking for some attractive ones like the Kraft coffee compostable and biodegradable cups.

The cup layers

The more the layers on the coffee cups, the more insulating they become. However, you can consider single-layered cups for drinks that are not very warm. But for hot beverages like coffee, you’ll need double or triple wall coffee cups. If you want to get it right on this, be the first customer- make sure you like what you’re selling, both the appearance and the content.

The takeaway accessories

Takeaway Coffee cups need accessories, and these are; sleeves, carriers, and cup lids. The lids are either black or white to match the coffee cup. These should be made with good quality for proper handling of the beverages. You can also have unique designs on them to make them more attractive.

Consider the pricing

Don’t make the mistake of going for the cheapest disposable cups. Remember, you get what you pay for, and a seemingly cheap disposable cup will have its fair share of disadvantages. As much as you want to be price-sensitive, do not be tempted to go for the lowest-priced cup. It may lead to spills and scalds and thus increase customer complaints. Get strong coffee cups whose material is both attractive and durable.

When choosing disposable coffee cups, go for the high-quality ones for your business. You also need to get a reliable supplier who will help you brand the cups and make them attractive to prospects and bring more repeat business. With well-branded disposable cups, you’ll not need to spend those vast budgets on marketing- your brand is advertised wherever the cup goes.

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