The Launching of Gooroo Courses – Making Learning Engaging, Accessible, and Fun for All

Newly Launched Gooroo Courses to make education more accessible for all. “Why shouldn’t this pandemic allow for tremendous personal growth for everyone?”

The coronavirus pandemic has ripped across this country at a staggering speed, but who is to say that there can’t be any good that comes from it? While people are stuck at home or just trying to stay safe, the face of education and learning is changing. Newly launched Gooroo Courses are available for everyone.

The Gooroo Courses platform is a subscription you can get to satisfy education curiosities and to boost self-improvement. Everyone has something they want to learn whether that be acting, a foreign language, computer programming, or something else. With the Gooroo Courses, there is something exciting for everyone to learn.

Gooroo Courses makes on-demand educating and learning easy for everyone. For just below $10 a month, beginners, educations, enthusiasts, specialists, children, students, and pros can get online to learn. They get to access a wide variety of video content curated by experts or specialists in that given field.

Do you want to practice art, learn a new life skill, or become more knowledgeable in computer software? If so, Gooroo Courses has you covered. When traveling to a new country, you won’t have to worry about feeling so out of place. You can learn Spanish, Hindi, or other languages using these courses. Do you want to help your child prep for the SAT? There is a course for this, as well. Welcome yourself to accessible education and learning for all at Gooroo Courses.

Every week new content is being added. If you subscribe to Gooroo Courses, you can log in and find new and exciting things to learn. You will even get the chance to have a one-on-one learning experience with the instructors. You can also choose to learn on your own with pre-recorded courses if that is more your style. This platform really is customized to fit everyone’s learning and education needs.

Don’t know a lot about something you are interested in learning? For instance, maybe you would like to learn more about humanities, but you haven’t done much research on it yet. No worries. You can check out the beginner courses. On the other hand, if you have been practicing playing the guitar for a while now, you can take intermediate or advanced courses to learn even more.

With Gooroo Courses, you get access to a range of educational videos and content. Some of these videos are shorter in length and others are longer to add more detail to what you are learning. From 8 minutes to 1 hour, you can amplify your knowledge.

Everyone is unique. Gooroo Courses understands this and wants everyone to have a wonderful, personalized learning experience. There are instructors from all over the world that are creating high-quality, informative content for these courses. Everyone from cooking to academic consulting to circuit training, this platform truly has something for everyone.

Do you want to give a gift of learning to someone you love? There are so many options for you to do this through Gooroo Courses. Maybe your son loves pop music. If so, you can give him the gift of the Pop Song Writing: DIY Home Studio course. This is just the beginning. There is a Gooroo Course that you could find for anyone in your life. With everything that has been going on with the COVID pandemic, giving the gift of enjoyable learning can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Scott Lee, the Founder and CEO of Gooroo has said, “We have over 1,000 courses that our subscribers have access to anywhere, anytime. We think of it as the perfect solution to the ever-growing problem of isolation in what has become a COVID-induced existence. Whether you use Gooroo Courses to supplement what has become an overall fractured schooling experience or you use them for individualized development, we’re on point to meet that need. Our main platform has addressed personalized tutor matching since 2015, so our system is a proven success. Now, we take what we do best to a broader market at a time where we can all use it most.”

For each subscription that is purchased, Gooroo donates a subscription to another family that could use it. There are far too many communities that are underserved and Gooroo wants to help out wherever they can. Making learning and education accessible for everyone, the Gooroo mission is quite simple. They are here to make education and learning engaging, fun, and affordable for everyone. Everyone deserves to be their best self. Gooroo can help to make your dreams into a reality.

About Gooroo Courses

Gooroo Courses is based out of New York, NY. They also have offices in Jakarta and Shanghai. This is an educational, subscription-based technology company. They are an official partner and vendor of the Texas and NYC Department of Education. If you would like to learn even more about improving your skillsets or learning something new, feel free to go to

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