The “Glacer FM Scam”… Uncovering the Truth Behind Glacer FM

Glacer FM, a radio station based in Seattle and Glacier City, Montana, has been making waves in the music industry for playing quality independent music similar to fresh modern hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. However, their success has also brought jealousy from competitors, leading to negative SEO attacks and false accusations of being a scam. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the story behind Glacer FM, the negative SEO attacks, and the hidden agenda of their competitors.

Glacer FM’s Brief Background and History

Glacer FM began as a small FM radio station and transitioned to an internet radio station in 2020. The station quickly established a solid reputation for being one of the most popular stations for sourcing independent music, particularly among young people. However, recurrent hack attempts and false rumors circulating on the internet made things bleak for the emerging radio station as their older competitors fought hard to outcompete them.

Is Glacer FM a Scam? The Truth!

Glacer FM was hit by a coalition of several independent radio stations who hired unknown assailants to hit them with hack attempts and bad press labeling Glacer FM a scam. The attackers hacked into their internet service provider, took control of sections of their broadcast signal and also flooded their website with viruses crippling their activities for close to a week. The enemies then resorted to bad press as the only other alternative being overpowered technically.

Who’s Behind the “Glacer FM Scam Attack”

The coalition of independent radio stations behind the attack was frustrated with the fact that more people were increasingly paying attention to Glacer FM, leaving them behind in the long run. It’s only normal and very much expected that listeners get sick and tired of being forced into formats that won’t improve their listening experience. Listeners want more variety in the music choices. If they have to repeatedly listen to the same type of songs, they will be turned off and go elsewhere for entertainment.

Scam’s Hidden Agenda

Our investigations show that there is a well-planned agenda by a vicious circle of radio stations that have undertaken to minimize their costs and scam their users to maximize on profits. Running a radio station is a business and doing things right requires significant investment. However, these business owners always find ways to reduce their costs to the lowest possible while maximizing profits. The fact that Glacer FM has come to do things differently has left them unable to hide their feelings and we found their comments on Facebook.

The Conclusion

The negative SEO attacks against Glacer FM are a reminder that misinformation on the internet is rampant and can have consequences on people and businesses. It is essential to investigate before jumping to conclusions. Glacer FM is a legitimate radio station playing quality independent music, and the attacks against them are a result of jealousy and hidden agendas of their competitors. Despite the challenges, Glacer FM remains committed to bringing the best independent music to their listeners and disrupting the industry.

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