The 5 Telltale Signs That Your Loved One Should be Going to Rehab

the importance of rehab

Addiction is a terrible disease that impacts millions of lives each year. Many people attempt to recover from substance abuse, but the process of getting clean is easier said than done.

When your loved one is an addict, the results can be traumatic. The key is to encourage a drug addict to get help so that they can live a fulfilling and happy life. But how can you know if someone should be going to rehab? You’ve come to the right place for answers.

This article discusses the process of committing someone to rehab. Keep reading to discover insight that can help a loved one finally get their addiction under control. 

1. Unable to Maintain Employment

Addicts typically display significant changes in behavior. They oversleep, have trouble maintaining major responsibilities such as holding down a job and will be late for even the most important appointments.

This change in behavior can happen gradually over time or suddenly, depending on the severity of their addiction and how well they can hide it from those around them.

2. Unpredictable Moods

You’ll likely also notice extreme mood swings. Drug addicts have a difficult time regulating emotions due to the fact that their brain chemistry has been hijacked.

In fact, addicts often become unrecognizable to loved ones, both in personality and in the way they interact with others. For those who’ve never experienced this, it can be disturbing and even scary.

Once you notice changes in mood, this is a sure sign that the individual has a problem and needs to go to rehab.

3. They Withdraw From Family & Friends

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol will often suddenly withdraw from all forms of social interaction. Especially from those whom they feel might judge their behavior or encourage them to seek help.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the disease is responsible for this shift in behavior. Once the addiction has fully taken hold, it is now running the show. In other words, normal cognitive operations have been handed for to the substances and they have no interest in getting healthy.

If your loved shows signs of addiction, contact the specialists at Alo House drug treatment centers.

4. Withdrawal Symptoms

They deep the addiction becomes, the more visible and apparent the withdrawal systematics will be. The addiction needs to be fed. Even after just a few days without drugs, the addict can become crazed in their need for a fix.

5. Stealing From Loved Ones

It’s also very common for addicts to begin stealing from those around them to pay for their drug habits.

No one is safe. An addict will steal from even those that they dearly love. This is because satisfying their habit becomes far more important than anything else in life, and they will be remorseless about it.

Obvious Reasons For Going To Rehab

No one is safe from addiction to drugs or alcohol. That’s why going to rehab is so important.

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