Soundela: Learn the Piano on a Real or Virtual Piano Through Mixed Reality

You can learn how to play the piano quickly and easily using Soundela, which overlays the piano notes on your piano through the power of mixed reality. This shows you exactly what to play and when to play it, making it simple enough to follow along with the music sheet, even if you are not an experienced piano player.

Soundela takes the lessons learned on many of the music apps that have come before it and puts their best features together to create something special. This is probably the best piano tutorial program yet. By aligning your real keyboard with a virtual one, you can learn how to play full songs very quickly, creating professional sounds at an early stage.

You may have seen this kind of technology before, and it has been done to some extent by other apps. What makes Soundela really stand out, though, is that it lets you hook your headset to a piano. This will tell you which notes are being hit and give you feedback right away. That way, if you are making mistakes, you will know about them and be able to correct them. It’s the next best thing to having a tutor right beside you.

The MIDI connection will work with Mac and PC devices, and it is compatible with any keyboard with MIDI functionality. You can connect the glasses directly with cable or via Bluetooth with the MIDI piano. This way you don’t need to connect to the PC first.

You may be surprised at some of the complex piano pieces you can play using Soundela. The visualizer shows you how to play sections that you might have had difficulty with before, and you can take a famous piece like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and play through it almost flawlessly, but probably slowly at first. By being able to see the notes you are supposed to hit, you have a tactile method of play that is much easier to learn than glancing from the music sheet to the piano and back again.

The app includes some classics already installed on it, and then you can load in custom tracks as well. This gives you an endless number of tracks to work with, and you can slow down the speed as necessary to suit your learning pace. The app will tell you how long it takes you to work all the way through the track, so you can see if your speed is increasing as you get better. This is a great way to keep tabs on your progress.

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