October Travel Tips: Chengdu’s Autumn at Its Best


October is a perfect time for travelling to most places in the Northern Hemisphere, but there is no place like China’s Chengdu City (see here) that can impress visitors both interested in the nature and obsessed with urban life. There are four attractions you cannot miss in October. For ideas, see this article on ChinaHighlights.

Sweet Osmanthus Viewing

Like Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) to the Japanese, Sweet Osmanthus is an important kind of flowers for people in Chengdu and many other Western China locals. From late September to Mid-October, people will gather around parks, dams, campuses, and natural conservation areas to appreciate the most fragrant flower in Autumn. There are several popular spots for viewing sweet Osmanthus in Chengdu City. One of them is the Baihuatan Park that sits in the center of the city. Unlike other famous sight-seeing spots that are always jammed with visitors, the Baihuatan Park is a compact, well-arranged and quiet place enjoyed only by the locals and resourceful travelers. Here you can appreciate sweet Osmanthus as they climb above red walls and green tiles to greet you. Goldish flowers and dark branches on red walls will remind you of how time stalls in this historical park that also offers tea enjoyment for a leisure Autumn afternoon. Other places inside Chengdu City include the Guihu Park (literally means “Lake of sweet Osmanthus flower”) and Guihua Lane. If you prefer suburban alternatives, you will find the Shouan Town and Nongke Village, both around 50km’s drive from Chengdu’s center, with larger coverage of flowers plus a much closer touch to the nature.

Sweet Osmanthus Delicacies

People in China take eating very seriously, and Chengdu people is no different. Here they are experts of making deliciousness out of everything given by mother nature. When we talk about Chengfu foods, most of us will think of spicy foods like Dandanmian noodles and Mapo Tofu, but not many foreigners realize locals in Chengdu are also fond of sweetness. They could make flowers, herbals, and even seaweeds into desserts. In October, one of the sweets you cannot miss is Guihua Gao (Osmanthus cake). The Osmanthus cake is made from grinded rice, sugar and most importantly Osmanthus flowers. The sweet taste is enhanced by the fragrance of the flower, and its tenderness is something you will find addictive. You can also go for stuffed lotus roots, namely cooked lotus roots stuffed with steamed glue rice, seasoned with Osmanthus flakes. And don’t forget to taste the Osmanthus liquor, freshly brew from Osmanthus flower and glue rice. The aroma and sweetness of the wine will entertain you all day. Chengdu is a heaven for foodies all year round, but she is at her sweetest in October.

7th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chengdu has a history of over 2,600 years. While there are many historical buildings and relic sites, she also boasts a variety of intangible cultural heritages. Sichuan opera of various stories, Chengdu-style Shu embroidery arts, lacquerware arts, and most amazingly, the shadow puppet arts. The 7th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage will be held during October 17th to 22nd in Chengdu. Traditional culture heritages will join hands with modern technologies and popular art forms such as v-logs (video blogs) to display the amazing charm of Chengdu and the whole Province of Sichuan. You definitely don’t want to miss the best chance of a year to know the past of this beautiful city and the future she’s leading the world to.

Numerous Arts Festivals and Exhibitions

Chengdu is a city of traditional modern arts. It has countless art studios and exhibition spaces. In October, you can explore a mysterious state that once prospered in where is now Chengdu in the Exhibition Discovery: Zhongshan State, and can learn how Chengdu communicates with other cities around the globe in arts and creation by joining the Blue Roof Museum’s International Exchange Project. If you are interested in the culinary arts, you can always find studios that welcome foreign guests as much as locals. Or if you enjoy arts in the making, be part of it by joining local seminars…you can always find arts of your favor and you can do so easily by going to Chengdu’s official foreigner guide blog https://www.gochengdu.cn.

Chengdu offers so many appeals for your October tour, and you already have a convenient and authentic site look for all necessary information. Start making your plan and enjoy a tour you will remember for life!

For more ideas of what to do in Chengdu, check out https://www.tripsavvy.com/chengdu-itineraries-and-attractions-1494920.

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