Implants Versus Dentures

implants or dentures

Many things happen during a person’s life. Each event causes a change to that person. Sometimes this change is to the person’s emotional state or general psyche. Other times it is to a part of the physical body. Each part of the body is different which means it reacts differently to each event. Sometimes things happen quickly and other times they happen slowly over an extended period of time. One part of the body that is a prime example of both of these is the teeth. Without continual proper care, the teeth and gums become damaged over time. Also, an accident can cause the teeth to become damaged. There are different types of damage that the teeth can incur. In some cases, the damage is caused by the positioning of the teeth. Sometimes is caused by cavities. Then there are times when the damage is caused by something striking the mouth and causing a break in one or more teeth. When teeth are lost, there are a few different options available. There are different options depending on how many teeth you have lost. In the event that a person loses all or most of their teeth, there are two primary options; dentures and implants. Here, you will find information on both as well a basic comparison to help you determine what is best for you.

First, it is vital to note that every person is different and there is no replacement for visiting your dentist and discussing what will work best for you. The best option for one person may not even be an option for someone else. There are many things for you and your dentist to discuss and consider when determining whether dentures or implants are best for you. Research is incredibly important, the more you understand your options, the better your chances of making the best decision. However, it is not possible to make the most informed decision without consulting with your dentist. If you are in need of a dentist, there are many excellent choices. Take a moment to check out The Art of Modern Dentistry at If you want to learn about all of your local options, all you have to do is take a few moments to search the internet. All you need to do is put a few keywords into your favorite search engine and peruse the results.

Next, consider dentures. Almost everyone knows what dentures are. They have been around for many years and over time, they have become synonymous with the elderly. The reasoning behind this is that many people lose their teeth as they get older and therefore must wear dentures. This, like many stereotypes, are inaccurate. Anyone can lose their teeth at any time in life. Also, many elderly people still have their teeth and therefore have no need for dentures. There are many ways to lose teeth. As young children, everyone loses their teeth so that they can shed their baby teeth and make room for their adult teeth. The problems come in after the person has their adult teeth. Once you lose an adult tooth, it is gone, it does not come back. Because there are so many different ways to lose your teeth, it is possible to lose as few as one or as many as all. Dentures are used when the person has no teeth of their own left. Dentures are often referred to as “false teeth”. This is an accurate description.

There is a type of dentures that can be used for a partial loss of teeth. These are not as widely known. They are exactly what they sound like. for example, if you were to lose all of the teeth on the entire right side of your lower jaw, an option for you would be partial dentures. Of course, there is a reason why many people have not heard of this type of dentures. The reason is that there are often better options available. It is also important to add, however, that there are times when dentures, full or partial are the only option. If you have a weak jaw or weak gums, dentures are often your best option. Your dentist will be able to advise you on what all will work with your specific needs.

Next, let’s talk about dental implants. Implants are different than dentures in many ways. For example, dentures must be taken out of the mouth at various times including while sleeping. Implants, on the other hand, are semi-permanent. They are drilled into the gums. There are several things to consider here. First, you must have strong, healthy gums and jaw to have implants installed. Also, while it is possible to cover a fairly large area with implants, they are not generally used throughout the entire mouth. Because of this, implants are generally only used for a partial loss of teeth. They can be used for a single tooth or they can be used to replace multiple teeth. If you have lost multiple teeth and are weighing the option of having the rest pulled to get dentures, talk with your dentist and see if you are a candidate for implants. There are several factors to consider including how many teeth need to be replaced, wherein the mouth they are all located, and how healthy your gums are. Your dentist will be able to assess your specific needs and guide you to the best option.

Because dental implants are semi-permanent, you never have to worry about taking them out. This also means that chewing will be easier. However, this also means that you must keep up with your dental hygiene. With great care, dental implants can last for twenty years before you need to consider replacing them. With improper care, however, you will need to have them replaced much quicker. This can be quite costly. Not to mention time-consuming. It is incredibly important to take excellent care of your implants as well as your remaining teeth.

For more details, see and this Bupa article.



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