How to Sort a Blocked Drain

a plughole in a sink

If the water in your sink, bath or shower won’t drain properly, if it gives off a bad smell or if your drains are obviously overflowing, then you could be suffering from blocked drains. It should be addressed immediately.

Blocked drains can lead to a myriad of expensive and time-consuming issues. Drain unblocking isn’t simple and most definitely requires a professional with the right equipment and expertise to have your issue properly addressed, according to a blocked drain Bournemouth expert.

In order to avoid any costly outlays in order to fix your drains you can employ home remedies to keep them running smoothly:
Regularly pour hot water down your drain to stop leftover food or grease from sticking to the sides and causing blockages.
Improve the results of the above method by pouring vinegar down the drain 30 minutes beforehand.
You could stop food from even reaching the drain by using a capture plug, which are very common in British households. They collect the food and can be pulled out to dispose of the food in the bin.
Avoid using corrosive materials as they are just as damaging for your pipes as they are for blockages.

The summer is starting to leave us and inevitably in England we will be faced with ongoing and unrelenting rain. Even if you maintain the highest level of care for your drains, a huge downpour of water can cause back-up to the sewers and cause issues in your drain. One option you have in this area is an anti–flood valve which controls the flow of water from your drains. Normally wastewater is free to flow through the drain. To prevent unwarranted water, anytime the flow of water reaches a certain level or flows the opposite way, the valve closes. Once water pressure returns to normal, the valve opens and allows water to flow as normal.

If your preventative measures are not successful then you will need to address any blocks which arise. Most blocked drains can be unblocked using high-pressure water jetting tools but some cases may require further inspection to identify the best course of action. To identify the cause of a problem, a CCTV inspection can be undertaken. 3D CCTV inspections are available but are more expensive and typically only required in the most extreme cases. Regardless of the camera used, this procedure tends to be called a drain survey. It allows for a diagnosis without any invasive digging.



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