How to Preserve Roses for Longer

preserving roses

Many people wish it were possible to preserve a rose flower for longer. The beautiful petals, aroma, and majestic appearance, it is a shame to see it all wither away after just a few days. But, there are ways to preserve the beauty of the rose for longer.

With this in mind, we will be writing about the best methods that you can use to keep your roses looking fantastic for an extra week or more.

Why Should You Take Measures to Preserve a Rose?

Like all flowers, roses wilt after some time. You can get more value from the money spent on roses by keeping the flowers for a little longer.

Roses are a perfect gift. These beautiful flowers communicate love, affection, and nice thoughts. You can relive that beautiful moment when you received the rose bouquet gift by preserving your beautiful roses.

Here are my top tips for preserving roses…

Keep the Roses Dry

Moisture can speed up the decomposition rate of your roses. You can preserve the flowers by keeping them dry.

Please keep your roses dry by using silica gel, an absorbent paper or simply air-dry your roses.

If you decide to use silica gel, please place the roses in a can half-filled with silica gel, then cover. Silica gel is an absorbent compound and it will absorb all traces of moisture on the rose flower.

When the rose petals lose moisture, they shrink, and the petals can become brittle. This is why you should handle the dried roses carefully to avoid damaging the rose petals.

Regulate the Humidity in Your Living Area

A humid environment can cause roses to wilt faster. It is best to keep the humidity level in the room moderate to preserve your roses.

Keep Roses in Well-Ventilated Rooms

Proper ventilation can prolong the viability of the roses. Make sure you ensure that the room you have chosen to display your is well ventilated.

Roses Last Longer Under Cooler Temperatures

If you plan to cut some roses in your garden, it is best to cut your rose in the morning, before the sun comes out. After cutting your rose, place the cuts in a refrigerator for about 6 hours before you display the flowers.

If you have received a rose bouquet, place it in a refrigerator for six hours to prevent the flowers from wilting.

Keep Roses in a Clean Flower Vase

Always clean the flower vase you plan to keep your roses in. Dirt can contain microorganisms that will attack the roses and cause wilting in a few days.

Clean your flower vase and fill it up to half its volume with clean water. It is a good idea to place your flower vase in a position away from direct sunlight. The intensity of the sun can cause the colour of your rose petals to fade faster.

Keep Your Roses Forever

Yes, it is possible to keep your roses forever by using preserved roses. For roses like this, check out, who offer these high-quality preserved roses for a great price!



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