How to Maintain Synthetic Clothing Correctly

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Artificial materials have become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe: these durable and easy-to-maintain apparels need very little attention and even less maintenance which makes them extremely comfy counting on our hectic life!
However, despite being long-lasting, synthetic garments still tend to lose their shape when stored improperly, and this is the issue that bothers their owners most of all.

How to keep synthetic clothing so that each item stayed good-looking? We can suggest several handy hints.

Synthetics: Storage And Cleaning Rules And Instructions

Synthetic fabrics may seem to be very easy to maintain but unfortunately, we can’t just toss them into the wardrobe and leave them there hanging on the hangers loosely. 

Most of the artificial materials are quite resistant to wrinkles and shrink, for instance, polyester but extended storage under the improper conditions will affect even such a durable sort of fiber.

To be able to always look neat and nice, you should be aware of the basic suggestions regarding the maintenance of the synthetics in general:

  1. Laundering artificial material right

Our apparels undergo this procedure regularly, otherwise, we would have to wear dirty clothing. However, to make sure your synthetic items are laundered correctly, note the following reminders:

  • Apparels made of acrylic fibers are usually machine washable. Nevertheless, always check the care tag to see what cycle is needed for certain apparel, and launder it at a lower temperature with the general laundry detergent.

If the item is rather delicate, opt for washing it manually in soapy warm water and squeeze it carefully afterward to delete the excess liquid.

  • As for polyester, this fabric is quite strong, elastic, and wrinkle-resistant. Such characteristics make it a perfect match for the machine laundry. Moreover, the apparels made of this material can stand any detergent as long as some fabric softener is added to reduce the static electricity.

However, keep in mind one crucial fact: polyester is very heat-sensitive and can dramatically shrink if, for instance, we toss it into the tumble dryer or launder in too hot water. A hot iron is also not its best friend.

This is why we would recommend everyone to make use of steam when ironing their polyester garments, and of course, launder them at low temperature.

  • Finally, there is spandex, a durable and stretchy material that most of the sportswear is made of. Luckily, such items are not demanding: feel free to launder them with a general-purpose detergent and with the items of similar colors. And don’t forget to check the tag for more detailed instructions!
  1. Proper Maintenance Of Synthetics

Proper washing of the apparel made of artificial fibers is not enough to keep it good-looking. Further care and storage also play a big role in how your garment will look after a while.

And please don’t be tempted to go careless just because synthetics are so durable! Sometimes these items might be the same delicate and demanding as silk.

  • Since synthetic apparels absorb oil easily, try to avoid touching them when your fingers are dirty, or after you used any oil or lotion.
  • If the item is worn frequently, it is fine to keep it hanging in a closet. However, the apparels that are put on seldom must be stored flat and folded. It will prevent them from stretching and losing their shape.
  • When folding the synthetic apparel, try to do that by their seams.
  • You’d better not store such garments after you have worn them since permanent stains may appear on the fabric.
  • For storing the folded items, opt for the special storage boxes. 
  • When getting an item ready for the box storage, fold it accurately by its seams but avoid any sharp creases.
  • If you are planning to put several items into the same box to store them, place the heaviest ones to the bottom, otherwise, they will get the lighter apparels wrinkled.
  • When having a wardrobe full of clothing, leave an open box of baking soda inside of it. This powder will absorb any unpleasant odors and protect the garments from becoming smelly.
  • Synthetics must always be stored in a dark and cool space away from any heating objects and sunlight especially. Any damp rooms are also not recommended since dampness will cause mold to develop.

In both situations, your apparels will be destroyed.

Proper overall maintenance of synthetic garments is an essential part of keeping them nice and neat longer. Because of their manufacturing specifics, these items need to be laundered and kept correctly in order to have an attractive appearance.  



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