How to Deal with Very Competitive Co-Workers

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While a little competition between them is good for the workers and the company for which they work, when it is no longer friendly, relationships can become complicated and leave a hostile environment, which will affect the productivity of a whole group. Learn to deal with very competitive co-workers so that they do not affect your professional development.

5 Tips to Deal With Very Competitive Partners

1. Talk to Your Partner

If you have the certainty that the competition of your partner is already excessive and even disloyal, talk to him. But look for a moment in which you are alone as to make your pose in front of others would only worsen their attitude. Control your emotions so that the most negative ones do not surface and you can converse on good terms, trying to find out what leads you to act like that. If you have the opportunity, tell him concrete examples of when his eagerness for the competition came to bother you; but do it through concrete proposals without hesitation and in a right way.

2. Focus on You

It is never good to imitate the attitudes that displease us in others, so do not act like him. You are in your position because someone trusted your abilities to perform the task, so a too competitive partner cannot be at the center of your anguish or fear. Do not pay more attention than you deserve and do your job in the best way, without measuring yourself with others but trying to surpass yourself, says TheMuse.

3. Do Not Take it Personally

Do not think that you are the target of your partner because he has a personal problem with you. This is likely to be true for many people and in many areas. Maybe he is motivated to ascend at the expense of everything, or perhaps he does not trust enough in his work, so he needs to be always standing out. Whatever the reason why your partner competes in an unreasonable way, do not take it personally because it will stress you easily and you will start to lower your performance, and you could even stop enjoying your work.

4. Defend Your Work

Far from acting in the same way as a competitive partner; defending what you do is fundamental. If for example a project was done jointly, or your participation deserves to be highlighted, but your partner is left with all the credit, you must clarify this situation. If you let these attitudes pass, sooner or later they will affect you and your motivation will be on the floor. You need to have a habit of DIY (Do it Yourself), if nobody is vouching for your work you have to do it yourself.

5. Speak With a Superior

To tell the head of Human Resources or a superior what is happening you must already be living an intolerable situation because otherwise, you do not want to go with these statements about a partner as they could be interpreted as gossip or office rumor. That is why the first step would be to talk on good terms with the person involved in their attitude, but if after doing so there is no change and your competence is affecting you, then it will be time to communicate with someone with more influence what is happening; before getting to let the work environment affect your life both professionally and personally.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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