How the Color Sorter Can Optimize Cashew Nuts Processing

color sorter machine

The color sorter is a smart food processor that can be used to sort agricultural products based on their color and shape. The color sorter helps to improve productivity in facilities where agricultural products are processed in bulk quantities.

Cashew nuts are often a product that is used with color sorters. These kidney-shaped nuts (more info) are delicious and in high-demand, and they contain many nutritional compounds such as Iron, Zinc, Copper, and magnesium, which help to keep us healthy, according to

To meet the high demand for cashew nuts, the color sorter (found here) is an excellent innovative tool that enhances and speeds up the processing of cashew nuts. Because the nuts have a particular kidney shape, and color, the color sorter can detect and grade the high-quality nuts quickly and effectively which would take many hours to do by hand.

Here are some of the significant ways a color sorter can improve the commercial processing of cashew nuts…

Sorting Cashew Nuts

The color sorter can be used to easily and quickly sort large quantities of nuts. This process is done by selecting the whole nuts from broken pieces to improve the quality of the packaged nuts from each batch.

The hard shell of a cashew nut is quite difficult to crack and some of the nuts can be broken during the cracking process.

The optical sorter ( detection system in a color sorter is a part of the system that can detect the fine nuts from a batch of cashew nuts that have been harvested. Sorting nuts before the final packaging helps to improve brand quality and customer satisfaction.

Removal of Impurities From Harvested Cashew Nuts

The use of color sorters has eliminated manual processes of detecting and removing impurities from a batch of cashew nuts under processing. The best cashew nut brands in the market are free from all types of impurities. The color sorter is pre-programmed to detect impurities by analysing the cashew nuts. During this process, any colored impurity different from the desired cashew nuts is detected and removed.

This feature can also be used to detect and remove cashew nuts that are already going bad. These nuts will have a slightly different color from the good nuts and can be easily removed after they are detected in the color sorter processing machine.

Grading Cashew Nuts

In the market, you can find different grades of cashew nuts. They are identified by features such as the color of the nuts, and size. The color sorter helps to shorten the duration of a grading process, which can be very long if it is done manually.

The whole cashew nuts have a higher commercial value than smaller nuts. For this reason, it is advised that the whole cashew nuts be separated during sorting. To avoid lengthy processing, the color sorter can be used to detect full and bigger cashew nuts, which can be batched and sold for a higher price.

The large harvest of cashew nuts makes it essential for machines such as the color sorter to be installed in the processing facilities. Innovative and reliable machines such as the color sorter help to improve the quality of agricultural products and effectively reduce waste during processing.



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