Here are the Major Changes Kishore Pallapothu Wants to Make in the Recruitment Process

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Kishore Pallapothu is a successful entrepreneur and investor from Silicon Valley. His latest venture, ChoozeHire is redefining the recruitment process by bringing about major changes. It is a unique AI-based platform that automates many steps within the recruitment process. Kishore has a background in IT and mechanical engineering. He has decades of experience working with the world’s largest tech corporations including Oracle and HP. He not only specializes in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Mobile Infrastructure, Deep Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure, he is also an investor in these fields.

ChoozeHire is bringing about major changes in the recruitment process. Find out how Kishore’s company is redefining the process of using AI.

1. AI-Based Search Algorithm

Job postings from an organization can draw hundreds or thousands of applications. Still, only around 10% of those applications may be relevant to the post. The traditional approach has been to sift through all the CVs to determine which ones are worth considering. This forced HR teams to spend just a few seconds looking at each application.

ChoozeHire’s AI-based algorithms have simplified the process. Natural language processing is used to detect keywords and sort out resumes that should be considered by the HR team. The AI-based system learns with time and keeps improving its identification and sorting skills.

2. Eliminating Human Bias

The traditional recruitment process has always been influenced by human bias, even when this was an unintentional element. Recruitment professionals get influenced by their experiences, beliefs, and feelings. Even the words used in the job description can have a bias towards the kind of applicants that are likely to apply to the post.

This unintentional bias can influence the HR team’s decisions about the candidates. For example, recruiters and hiring managers usually decide to interview candidates based on where they studied or where they are from, even when this decision is unintentional. This causes a general disregard for the key factors related to the skills and experience of the candidate. This is again an area where Kishore’s HR platform is making a difference. It eliminates human bias from the entire process.

3. Making Recruitment a People-First Process

This is a unique way in which ChoozeHire is improving the recruitment process. Recruitment has always been a people-first process. The hiring manager-candidate engagement element plays the most important role in hiring the right applicant. Candidates desire to speak directly to the hiring manager, which is not possible when they interact with a machine. Kishore’s platform addresses this by removing all the time-consuming and repetitive functions from the process. This gives recruiters and hiring managers much more time to engage with the candidates.

4. AI-Supported Onboarding

All HR managers know that the recruitment process isn’t just completed at the signing of the contract. There is the onboarding process too and Kishore’s platform is making it less time-consuming compared to how it was in the past. Different types of technologies are used to introduce new recruits to the organization’s structure and their roles. For example, chatbots are used for answering more common and repetitive questions. This helps free up the HR team’s time and resources to handle issues and help answer more complex queries.

ChoozeHire is not just assisting HR professionals to find the best candidates for the role, it is also helping save their time. Kishore Pallapothu has created a platform that speeds up the recruitment process and makes it more efficient and effective. His AI-based platform is different from other systems in that it creates the perfect balance between the human element and algorithms for the recruitment process.



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