Handy Tips For Buying An EDC Knife

An EDC knife or an everyday carry knife is exactly what you think it means. It’s a type of knife that people can use daily. This is why these knives are often travel-friendly and versatile. You can use them for slicing fruits or camping. Also, they are usually very compact. So, if you are willing to buy one, here are some tips you could use.

Observe the Blade Length

If you go for an everyday carry knife with a larger blade, you will have the benefit of it being more versatile and stronger. However, it will be heavier to carry. A smaller blade will be more compact but might not serve as long as a large blade. So, try and go for a blade with a medium length that fits all your requirements. It depends highly on the type of tasks that you are willing to do with your EDC knife.

Feel the Handle Material

The type of materials you will find in the handles of EDC knives can range from metal to synthetic and even natural. There are even wood and bone handles available, which people find beautiful to look at. However, you can’t trust wood and bone to be strong enough. Metal grips, on the other hand, are often intense, but you won’t find them very appealing to the eyes. There are also utilitarian synthetic materials that are durable. You can pick any material that looks good to you but make sure it is cruelty-free. Hence, bone handles are out.

Have a Look at the Blade Steel

It should be self-understood that an EDC knife with better steel will come for a higher price unless we are talking about the Spyderco butterfly knife, which is an excellent quality knife and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The blade steel selection should depend on the type of atmosphere that your knife will be tested in. For example, if you live in a humid area, get blade steel that is corrosion resistant.

Compare Prices at Various Stores

An EDC knife is bought mostly by people who need it. It is not just a toy. So, a good quality one will be on the more expensive side. You must not shy away from paying a reasonable price for a decent EDC knife. After all, you will be using it enough. However, if you just want an EDC knife to throw it in your vehicle in case you might need it someday, we don’t suggest you pay a heavy price. So, always look at different stores and compare prices before buying an EDC knife.

Read the Shape of the Blade

The shape of the blade is something that you should always observe before you sign up for the EDC knife. It can be drop-point, straight-back, and even clip-point. You will have enough options to choose from. Just don’t forget the purpose that you’re buying an EDC knife for, and you will be good.

Knife Sharpening

Whatever type of knife you buy, the most important thing you can do is always keep it as sharp as possible. A blunt knife is not only useless, it can also be very dangerous to use. We recommend using a professional knife sharpening service to sharpen your knives as they will be able to get the knife much sharper than you could at home. If you are in the UK we recommend using Knife Sharp as they offer a knife sharpening service by post and can sharpen all different types of knives.

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