Enterprises and Popular Brands Using SMM Services for Marketing Needs

Enterprises and Popular Brands Using SMM Services for Marketing Needs

Did you ever find curious that your Instagram feed is being flooded with famous and local Brand titles? It is not about the standard Instagram advertisement that we all used to see in our feed. But it is rather the product placement and influencer marketing interactions that you will very likely notice while scrolling the feed. All small brands and big enterprises use this practice for their marketing campaigns.

Instagram users are a valuable targeting audience for marketers and brands. First of all Instagram is great for social engagement which means it is really good for the conversion rate. All Instagram marketing activities are carefully planned by enterprises and small companies in order to reach the business goals and get brand awareness. What if we tell you that a regular Instagram post gets an average 5% conversion rate for any sale of product or service. You as an individual can leverage from this tactics that enterprises implement.

Do Likes, Followers and Comments really Matter on Instagram?

As of 2019, enterprises are using the power of social media and its audience. It is not enough to only promote your product on your profile page. You are required to target other accounts to promote your product or services on their pages. This will help you increase the engagement rate and use viral marketing tools of the Instagram audience. For example, the comment section of Instagram is already a platform for brands and media influencers ( to promote their marketing campaigns and reach even more people. Instagram has a lot of tools that can be turned into your marketing channel: comments section, hashtags, friend tags, shoutouts, the post by itself and backlinks in the bio section.

The new Instagram algorithm update now shows the comments that suit to your search and profile preferences. The Instagram discover section now displays all relevant posts and profiles that is based on your preferences also. It explains why you see particular comments from people you do not follow at all… And this is what brands and media influences do today on the biggest Social Media Network – they are using powerful SMM (more about SMM) services similar to Likigram to successfully promote their influencers, brands and ambassadors to get exposure on a follower’s feed. This practice is even more powerful with the paid activity from smm services that offers to buy Instagram likes and followers. Your profile’s engagement and other marketing metrics increase over the number of views your post gets in the feed. This is what brands and marketers do all the time. They expand all these metrics and get better exposure and eventually better conversion rate and more sales.

The new 2019 Instagram algorithm brings users with the same interests and preferences together, focusing on what brands and companies you love. Check this for yourself by looking at the brands that you love and what is in your feed today to see what Instagram suggests in the discovery section for you.

Thus, Instagram Likes, Comments and Followers are vital metrics for an individual or business accounts. If your engagement rate is high enough then you will be still getting good social exposure through the discovery feed section.

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