Don’t Work Outside at Night Without Your High-Visibility Safety Gear

Working outside after dusk or during the night comes with its own set of hazards and requires special safety measures. For this type of work, there is a set of apparel known as high-visibility (or hi vis) safety gear. What makes these clothes different is that they come in a wide variety of fluorescent colors that reflect light during night work.

What are the benefits of wearing high-visibility vests and uniforms?

Fluorescent vests and uniforms are best suited for nighttime environments. However, there is an important thing to remember: not all reflective vests are fluorescent and not all fluorescent vests are reflective. Make sure you get a jacket or vest that meets ANSI standards for hi vis reflectivity. Below are some of the benefits of high-visibility safety gear.

  1. Improves visibility

Hi vis clothing is crafted in such a way as to reflect light. This makes it easy for drivers to see construction workers or other types of laborers at night.

  1. Creates a safer work environment

Hi vis clothing keeps workers safe, reducing stress and costs and generating more productivity.

  1. The probability of accidents is reduced

Accidents indeed occur even when you take precautions. But with high-visibility safety gear, the probability can be reduced.

What are the different types of safety gear available for use?

Now that we know the benefits of using safety gear, let’s see a couple examples of the different types of gear available.

  1. Arborwear Double Thick Full Zip (Class 3) Sweatshirt

Arborwear’s double-thick, full-zip hi vis sweatshirt combines fluorescent color with reflective patches to enhance visibility. This is a Class 3 hi vis garment, meaning it meets the very highest standard for hi vis gear. It’s suitable for people on cold-weather job sites near high-traffic areas. The sweatshirt has a zipper closure and comes with a polyester stretch fleece. The Teflon fabric protector repels most water and oil.

  1. Viking Fleece Hoodie

The Viking safety fleece hoodie is a similar option, best for construction workers and truckers who toil hard in cold temperatures. In addition to its fluorescent color and reflective patches, it also has a UPF rating of 50+ that blocks 98% of UV radiation.


High-visibility safety gear is crafted from shiny reflective material, which protects workers from danger due to cars at night. Thanks to high-visibility safety gear, traffic directors, police workers, and EMTs can stay safe at work. Don’t let your staff work at night without proper safety gear. Shop premium, ANSI-rated high-visibility safety gear today.

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