Different Types of Decorative Concrete

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Concrete is usually valued for its durability and functionality, which is why it is one of the most widely used materials on earth. However, this material can offer more than this; it can provide aesthetic benefits, which can be made possible with decorative concrete. Here, we look at what decorative concrete is and the various decorative concrete types available.

Decorative Concrete is the regular concrete that has unique designs, patterns, colors, finishes, etc. added to it to beautify it further. These concrete doesn’t always serve aesthetics purposes alone; sometimes, they also serve functional purposes.

These include safety purposes, to prevent slipping, adding to the concrete’s strength to make it more durable, preventing stains and abrasions on the concrete, and closing pores that could let water into the concrete, among many others.

While there are hundreds of ways that concrete can be decorated, here are the major types of decorative concrete.

Concrete Dyes: these dyes are usually used to change the dull grey color of concrete into a more pleasant and preferred one. In the past, the dyes were alcohol-based, making them easily prone to fading. However, they are now made with better ingredients, which include an ultraviolet inhibiting agent. While this has reduced the speed of fading, fading still occurs.

Stamped Concrete: this offers a lot of design options for decorative concrete. The concrete can be stamped to look like brick, stone, cobblestone, slate, etc. The stamp design is applied before the concrete dries and can significantly improve the look of your home. However, it fades after a period.

Stamped overlays: stamped overlay decoration is done with a rubber imprinting tools coated with releasing agents in different colors and pressed against the concrete after it has been poured. This leaves an imprint on the concrete when it dries.

Engraved Concrete: specialty tools can be used to engrave different shapes and patterns into concrete or even remodel an existing concrete.

Polished Concrete: one of the best decorative concrete available today is polished concrete.  Concrete is polished using diamond pads that come in different grit sizes and a mechanical grinder. There are grit sizes ranging from 6 to 8500 grits, and when polished using the diamond pads, the concrete becomes glassy and shiny. Certain chemicals are used to treat the concrete, and dyes, stains, and colors can be added to beautify the concrete further and make it more brilliant.

Polymer Cement Overlay: adding polymer cement to concrete serves not only to decorate it but also to improve it in many areas. It increases its strength and makes it more reliable too. A polymer cement overlay is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your concrete as it will add to its texture and color. 

Trowel-on: this is another decorative technique used for concrete in which a thin layer of cement is spread on the pavement and then troweled to create artistic patterns. Color may be added in some cases to give the concrete a more aesthetic appeal.

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