Binmei Launches New Phycocyanin E30 and M18 to Expand the European Market

Phycocyanin E30

As one of the most influential blue Spirulina suppliers globally, Binmei sees its extensive business opportunities with phycocyanin E18 added with 30% trehalose in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries. In order to further expand the market and publicize the blue spirulina benefits to the public, Binmei has developed two new products, phycocyanin E30 and M18, with its advanced and exclusive phycocyanin extraction technology to meet the diversified needs of different countries.

Since the approval of phycocyanin for food and beverage by the FDA in 2013, the global market of blue Spirulina has shown an amazing growth rate and occupied the leading position in the powder market in 2020. By 2027, the phycocyanin market is expected to reach 245.5 million US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 28.5% in the forecast period from 2020 to 2027[1].

Paying close attention to the development trend of the phycocyanin market, Binmei has developed phycocyanin E30, which is 100% blue Spirulina without any excipients and additives contained. The phycocyanin E30 totally retains its nutritional and therapeutic value. However, the first generation of phycocyanin E18 introduced by Binmei added trehalose, a kind of sugar that is not very popular in some European countries, got its limitation of the promotion. After learning that maltodextrin as the carrier of instant frozen tea is very popular in Germany, Britain, and Switzerland, Binmei launched a new phycocyanin M18 with maltodextrin as auxiliary material to make the products more localized and cater to the dietary habits of some European countries. In fact, maltodextrin has the characteristics of strong thickening, good carrier, no peculiar smell, easy digestion, low heat, and low sweetness.

However, the addition of maltodextrin to phycocyanin will bring a difficult technical problem because the Maillard reaction will react when maltodextrin and protein are mixed. And phycocyanin belongs to protein. Maillard reaction refers to a series of complex reactions between reducing sugars (carbohydrates) and amino acids/proteins in food at room temperature or when heated, resulting in the formation of brown, black macromolecular substance melanin like substance or melanoid. Maillard reaction will affect the preservation and use of phycocyanin.

Under the premise of not adding any chemical additives, Binmei successfully overcame this difficulty by relying on technical means so that the phycocyanin M18 added with maltodextrin can be used stably in any case without affecting the preservation and use of the product.

Phycocyanin plays an important role in synthesizing various important enzymes needed by human metabolism, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and improving human resistance to diseases. But the research on phycocyanin is still full of many technical barriers due to the instability under heat, light, and acid. Blue Spirulina will precipitate in an acidic environment and decolorizes under the action of strong alkali.

The R & D team of Binmei is committed to breaking through the technical barriers of phycocyanin production, continuously enriching the product categories of phycocyanin, and innovating the manufacturing process of phycocyanin. The new production line launched by Binmei will ensure a professional level in the field of blue Spirulina powder and extract and the quality of raw material. It is reported that the heat-resistant and acid-resistant phycocyanin has also made significant progress by Binmei and is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2021 to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

Because of its superior natural characteristics, phycocyanin has been widely used in the food industry and cosmetics as colorants and additives. In 1986, the discovery by Schwartz and Shklar of Harvard hospital that phycocyanin had an inhibitory effect on some cancer cells also set off phycocyanin application in the medical industry. If you are considering importing or investing in phycocyanin powder, you certainly don’t want to miss Bimei, a professional blue Spirulina supplier with a huge blue Spirulina breeding base, production base, and R & D base.

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