Benefits of Gantt Charts in Project Management

benefits of gantt charts in project management

A pile of multiple projects and tasks is right in front of you and you are to figure out how to handle all of them simultaneously. You seriously need to hop from one to another in order to monitor each of their progress. This continuous switching might leave you biting your nails with anxiety, burning head, swelling eyes, and frustration. Then what could be the way to get out of this maze? The answer is a Gantt Chart.

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a graphical way of arranging the tasks in a proper schedule to plan, coordinate and track their progress. It helps in effective achievement of the project goals within the necessary time constraints. It is designed in a way to optimize the total time taken to finish a project.  To put it simply, it is a horizontal bar chart that consists of the tasks on the vertical axis with the time duration on the horizontal axis. The width of the horizontal bars signifies the duration of the projects.  

You can create a Gantt Chart using Gantt Chart Excel at This excel based template has all the functionality to create Gantt charts in minutes. With the aid of easy-to-use design, the Gantt Chart will give you a clear picture of the status of the project. 

Now you’d be wondering how does a Gantt chart help us in managing the monumental deadlines of the project. Let’s explore the top 10 benefits of using Gantt Chart in Project Management, with thanks from

Benefits of Gantt Chart in Project Management


Gantt Chart makes it easier to represent complex tasks with the help of visually appealing bar chart format. It also helps in illustrating and monitoring multiple projects running at the same time. In this way, we store information about several projects in a central location and make it accessible to the whole team. It is easier for the employees to view and comprehend the information. 


Replace your monotonous and tedious project meetings with the Gantt Charts which puts forth an enticing proposal of tracking the project’s progress easily. All the team members can view the project’s dynamic status updates and no time is wasted in conveying the information from one to another.


Gantt Chart makes it feasible to carry out sequencing of the tasks thereby reducing the burden on the team members. The project managers make use of the combinations of charts to break down complex projects into simpler and smaller tasks which foster stronger collaboration amongst the team members.


Time is a crucial resource and its effective utilization makes a significant impact. A delayed project poses a big challenge and becomes a liability in the long run. The Gantt Chart helps in scheduling the projects leading to a better task organization. It is important to effectively allocate the time and control it for the resounding success of a project.


There are parallel and sequential tasks in a project. A few of them are dependent on each other for their successful completion. The Gantt Chart gives a clear view of the relationships between different projects and makes it seamless to organize the respective project structures.


The Gantt Chart is a very efficient tool to get rid of intrinsic inevitable complexities when dealing with a number of tasks simultaneously. A comprehensible structure and user-friendly design make it easier to access the information and manage it. A Gantt Chart is made of horizontal and vertical lines to depict the data in great detail thereby reducing any confusion.


Through a pictorial view offered by the Gantt Chart, it is easier to plan and map out the projects according to the timelines. A proper schedule paves the way for the better execution of a project and it is this area where the Gantt Chart helps immensely. It breaks down a big project into smaller subtasks and makes it simpler to complete them in a dedicated timeframe.


The Gantt Chart has the task assignment and progress being displayed publicly serving the need for tracking the progress of a project for every individual. This saves a lot of time and thus, productivity is scaled up. 


A Gantt Chart has the benefit of providing clarity to its users. Since complex information is spread and arranged in the pictorial representation, the team members can identify their own roles, responsibilities in the project management and the requirements of the project. 


The Gantt Chart gives the benefit of viewing resource usage in a project which makes leveraging the efficiency of each employee trouble-free for the project manager. Also, as the project evolves there is a benefit of issuing new charts which gives a realistic view of the project development. Thus, the Gantt Chart provides higher flexibility and enhanced efficiency.

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