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amazing architecture in Vienna Austria

If you are considering Vienna travel, there are a wide range of options for you in Austria’s most populated city. Known for its incredible quality of life, the city itself is rich with history and for having played an extremely pivotal role in classical music. The city center and many of the sites surrounding
Vienna are designated world heritage sites.
Much of the city is taken from early Roman and Celtic Settlement. There are examples of Medieval and Baroque architecture throughout the city as well as many beautiful gardens and monuments. The attractions across the city bring in 6.8 million tourists each year.

Viennese History

As well as history, Vienna is a city of progress as being one of the number one destinations for conventions and international congress. The city ranks consistently in the top 10 for the innovation cities index and it is often used in case studies for urban planning.

The City of Culture

Vienna remains a city of culture. A series of musical icons including Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Arnold Schoenberg and more all worked in the
area. The art and culture scene in Vienna included Opera, classical music, theater and still continues to persist today. There’s a series of theaters including the Theater in Der Josefstadt, The Burgtheatre and The Volkstheater wien each of these still continue to run productions from prestigious producers worldwide. The Vienna Opera also takes place in locations such as the Staatsoper, and the Theater ander Wien. Classical concerts are still performed by a lustrous acts like the Vienna Philharmonic. These events and cultural shows are available during travel in Vienna and they are often broadcast to theworld. The Vienna Philharmonic hosts a regular New Year’s day concert that is widely broadcast.

If you’re not visiting Vienna for the music there’s also a series of museums to enjoy. The Liechtenstein Palace holds one of the worlds largest art collections held to this day. One of the most famous works housed inside is the paintings of Gustav Klimt called the Kiss.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace is another extreme the important location and popular tourist attraction. This area stands as the main summer residence for the Habsburg rules. It’s a 1441 room palace that is considered one of the
most important historical monuments in the country. The palace is over 300 years old and that includes aspects of art, architecture and relics from monarchs in the Habsburg dynasty. The site today hosts a number of concerts and is available for touring regularly. The site has a wide range of
gardens, sculptures and Roman ruins on site. It attracts over 3.8 million visitors each year. With a series of tour packages, the classical concerts which can be enjoyed across the grounds feature the work of Mozart as well as views of the countryside.

Many of the houses across Vienna are home to regular balls and events. As the capital of the 19th century ball, many of the top houses across Vienna continue to host balls which are played by live orchestra. Most major Vienna balls aren’t all night attractions that begin at 9 PM and can last up until 5 AM.

The Architecture Across Vienna

The Architecture Across Vienna also stands as one of the main reasons many tourists make their way to the city. With a wide range of architectural styles such as the Baroque Karlskirche and Romanesque Ruprechtskirche, there are also buildings that are closer to an art nouveau architectural style throughout Vienna.

The parks across the city are also particularly inviting with the Burggarten, the Volksgarten at the Hofburg palace, the Schloss Belvedere and more all available for escaping the city life. These parts can be found across the inner city areas and many include famous monuments including the famous statue of Johann Strauss II in the Stadtpark.

If you’re a sports fan, Vienna can also be an excellent place to travel. Austria’s capital has a series of football teams including the FK Austria Wien, SK Rapid Wien, The first Vienna FC, Raiffeisen Vikings American football team and more.

For foodies traveling to Vienna, there are a number of excellent delicacies that you can enjoy including Sachertorte which is a chocolate cake with apricot jam famously created by the Sacher Hotel, Maroni or hot chestnuts, street vendor sausages at Wurstelstands as well as wiener schnitzel which was first invented here. The city is home to a series of distinguished cafés and coffee houses each steeped with their own local legend. Vienna is also a city of wine with varieties of Gruner Veltliner and dry wine spritzers being popular.

If you are interested in travelling to Vienna and seeing these attractions, you should consider booking today. Some of the best times to book your getaway are between April to May and September to October. Between June and August rates can often be higher with improved demand. Choosing the right time to go will come down to the many local festivals that are available such as Austrian National Day, the Schubertiade festival, Wiener Wiesn-fest, St. Ruperts Fair and more. Planning your time around these upcoming events could make sure that you enjoy Vienna in its most vibrant!

The Vienna Transportation Network

Once you arrive in Vienna, the transportation network can make the process of getting around much easier. The central railway station opened in 2014 and runs 1,100 trains. Home to a shopping center and a series of apartments, the transportation network sees transit form all over Europe.

Vienna is also a heavily connected city. The city council has a framework in place to make Vienna a smart city with reduced carbon emissions as well as an initiative that would have all vehicles within the borders to run on non-petroleum based materials.

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