5 Tips When Moving on a Budget

mother and daughter packing

While moving to a new place is exciting, it is also stressful and expensive. The thought of packing and worrying about damaging your furniture, electronics, and other expensive belongings is stressful. However, you can make the moving process less stressful by seeking help from friends and meditating. But the financial burden is not easy to get around. Moving is expensive and can be overwhelming when you have limited resources. Here are helpful tips when moving on a budget.

1. Declutter

Before you start packing, it is essential to declutter. Do not move with stuff that you do not need. It is a costly mistake. Go from room to room in your home and sort out those things that you do not need. Whether they are shoes, furniture, damaged electronics, etc., throw them away or donate them. Be sure to separate what you wish to throw away from what to donate. Decluttering will save packing space and make moving less expensive.

2. Creative Packing

Once you declutter, next is packing your belongings. Creative packing means findings free packing boxes and packing carefully to reduce the number of boxes. Ask friends and neighbors who have recently moved to assist you with moving boxes. Also, you can ask your local grocery store, supermarket, or liquor store for big boxes they aren’t using. Get as many free packing boxes as possible. Once you have enough, park carefully and utilize maximum space. Remember to label the boxes.

3. Seek Help

Packing is not easy. You need an extra hand to prepare your move. When you are on a budget, you need not hire professionals to help pack your stuff. Instead, seek help from friends and family. Ask them to help prepare for your move—this including sorting and packing your belongings. You also need help moving your stuff out of the house. The idea is saving every dollar whenever you can.

4. Consider a DIY Move

If you are short of cash, there is no better idea than a DIY move. This is a great way to cut costs. All you need is get a hand from friends and family who will help you move your boxes outside and load into a truck. If you own a truck, even better. However, if you do not have a truck, rent one. Finally, since you won’t pay your friends, offer to treat them with a few beers or pizza.

5. Shop for a Moving Company

Sometimes a DIY move is not possible. For instance, if you are moving hundreds of miles away, you need professional movers. The experts will not only handle your belongings with care but also ensure fast and smooth moving. In this case, be sure to shop around for the best moving companies within your budget. As you compare prices, know what package you are paying for. Are you paying for the truck alone, or the cost includes boxes, labor, and other expenses. Look for a package that favors your budget and needs. Do not pay for boxes when you can get them for free. The right package will save you money.


Moving is not cheap, and whether you go the DIY way or hire professionals, you will end up spending money. The bottom line is cutting costs wherever you can while keeping your properties safe. With the above tips, you can make your next move affordable. For more tips, check out Macro Removals.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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