4 Common Carpet Stains And How to Remove Them

red wine stain

Carpets are great. They make our homes feel comfortable and aesthetic. However, if they stain, they can become hectic to clean. Now, it’s normal to have carpet stains once in a while, especially if you have kids or pets in your house. No matter how much you protect your carpet, it will acquire stains in one way or another. There are common stains that are likely to affect your carpet. Some include coffee stains, pet stains, ink stains, blood stains, red wine stains, and many more.

Now, before we look at the methods to clean these carpet stains (such as these tips), there are a couple of things you need to keep in your mind. Firstly, there are various kinds of carpets with different weaves and materials. So, you need to understand the kind of carpet you have in your house before you start cleaning it. This will help you to take into consideration all the special cleaning instructions. Also, any stain removing solution you want to try out, always test it first to see how it can affect your carpet. You don’t want to try a method that will damage your entire carpet permanently. You can test it on the little corner of the carpet. Having that said, here are four common carpet stains and how to remove them. If you are not sure how to the carpet cleaning yourself, you should always contact a carpet cleaning specialist such as https://www.carpet-cleaning.com.sg/services.html.

Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are the most common and the worst. They leave your carpet dirty with a yellowish-brown tone, which is very noticeable. The first thing you will do is to pick a paper towel and blot up the coffee spills as much as you can. You will need hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, a bunch of white towels, steam iron, and a bowl of water.

First of all, spray the hydrogen peroxide over the stained area. Take one towel, dip it in the water, and spread it over the coffee stains. Take your steam iron when it is on full steam and place it on the towel, right over the stained area for about 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds, lift the iron steam and remove the towels. You will notice some coffee on the white towel. Take another towel and repeat the same steps three times. You can do it up to 15 times, but the coffee stains will eventually come out, and the carpet will look amazing again.

Red Wine Stains

Red wines are the saddest stains you can experience. Not only because they are hectic to clean, but also you have wasted your expensive red wine. Fortunately, here a quick steps you can use to clean the stains.

First of all, blot up the stains using paper towels as much as you can. Then, add a little bit of club soda enough to cover the red wine stains. You will notice some bubbles. These bubbles will help to break the wine stains from your carpet fibers, allowing you to blot up the stains better. Repeat the same several times.

Animal Stains

Animal stains are common, especially if you have a cat in your house. They can be very frustrating. They not only stain your carpet but also make your house smell pathetic. So, here are easy steps to clean animals’ stains.
First, wipe the stain away using a dry towel. Be careful not to smear or rub it further; it will only make things worse. Now, take a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it over the stained area. Keep on blotting using clean towels repeatedly. This method will remove not only the stains but also the odor. Do it repeatedly until the carpet is clean.


Blood stains are associated with terrible things. Maybe an accident has happened or something worse. You do not want to have blood stains in your carpet, but if it happens, here is the quick solution.
You need to clean the stains as soon as they spill. The faster it is, the more it will be efficient. Take hydrogen peroxide and mix with dish soap. Stir the mixture and apply gently on the stained area. Give it a couple of minutes. Take a clean towel and blot the stain repeatedly — no rubbing, only pressing hard. Once the blood stain is gone, using clean cold water, flush the area to remove soapy residues to avoid little stains from the soap.

All in all, you have to be careful when using these methods to clean carpet stains. Remember that if you cannot do it yourself, don’t risk destroying your carpet. Contact carpet cleaning service to do the work for you. They will clean carefully without affecting your carpet. If you are looking for reliable carpet cleaning services in Singapore, You may consider AbsoluteSolutions.com.sg.

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