10 Top Tourist Attractions to Check Out When Cruising the River Nile

The River Nile has been the heart of Egypt since ancient times. The river flows south to north through eleven African countries, and ends in the Mediterranean sea through the Nile Delta, home to almost half of Egypt’s population. 

The river is a  source of food, freshwater, and transport for millions of people. As well as this, the river is also a tourist attraction. The attraction of the Nile is known globally, and tourists book cruise tours to enjoy these magical views. If you are considering a Nile cruise tour, here are ten tourist attractions to enjoy as you cruise the river Nile… 

1. Abu Simbel

The 4 towering statues at Abu Simbel’s entrance welcome you to Egypt’s most exceptional attraction site. Created to show ancient Egypt’s power over the Nubia, and other neighbors to the south, the temple is lit by rays from the sun twice yearly. This is one area in Egypt where male and female statues are the same size. You will learn lots of history in this monument. 

2. Philae Temple of Goddess Isis (In Aswan)

This temple was built in honor of the goddess Isis, and was built in the classical Egyptian style. Its construction began in 960 BC, and was the last one in which a goddess was worshipped. While the original temple does not exist, it was carefully rebuilt to pave the way for dam construction. 

3. Nubian Village (In Aswan)

Nubian village is near the city of Aswan. The villages are colorful and the best in Egypt. The villages are painted in rainbow colors and are very attractive, which is why it is among Egypt’s best tourist sites. Here you will learn the history of the village and how it started. 

4. High Dam (In Aswan)

Located only 15 minutes from Aswan town, the dam’s construction started in 1960. It was part of president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s promise to develop Egypt. Construction ended in 1971 and filling finished in 1979. While it is not the largest dam globally, it is the biggest dam built across the River Nile. It is 12,500 feet wide and 360 feet tall. 

5. Unfinished Obelisk

The unfinished obelisk is a major attraction site in the Aswan region. It is said to be the largest obelisk ever constructed, and was discovered in a quarry. The monolith shed some light on how massive structures were built in ancient times. 

6. The Twin Temple of Kom Ombo

This unusual double temple was built between 180-47 BC. The temple was devoted to the gods Haroris and Sobek. However, some changes were effected on the initial design during the Roman period. The temple still remains a major tourist attraction. 

7. Temple of Edfu

The temple is located on the west bank of the River Nile in Edu. The original construction began in the 3rd century BC, and ended in the 1st century BC. The temple was dedicated to Horus, and to date, the site remains a major tourist attraction in Egypt. 

8. Valley of the Kings (In Luxor)

Also known as the Valley of the Gates of the Kings, this site features exquisitely decorated tombs of Egypt’s New Kingdom rulers. It is worth visiting if you love history – more so of the Pharaohs and other rulers. 

9. Hatshepsut Temple (In Luxor)

Commonly referred to as The Funerary Temple of Hatshepsut, this is the best surviving temple and was built around 3500 years ago. It was built by the only female pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. It features a unique design different from other temples in Egypt. It is a must-visit site in Luxor. 

10. The Complex of Karnak Temples (In Luxor)

The site is the second most visited monument in Egypt. Often referred to as Karnak, construction of the complex began around 2000–1700 and ended between 305–30 BC. It is said that every pharaoh added and amended the buildings at the complex during their reign by stamping their seal on this most religious sanctuary. While the complex is in a bad state, it is rich in history, and you should consider visiting the site. 
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