Zenith Watches – Brand Profile for the Masters of Timekeeping

zenith watches

Founded in 1865 at a small district of Le Locle, zenith has managed to leave the word in awe by producing some of the most iconic and innovative wristwatches, according to their official website. This brand was established by Georges Favre-Jacot who was an intelligent and ambitious watchmaker. The first breakthrough for Zenith that put the brand on the map was its chronometers. At that time, they were referred to as the masters of accuracy. The first timepiece chronometer was the El Primero chronograph calibers.

In the year 1948, the brands newest chronometer Caliber 135 took the industry by storm. This timepiece managed to win more than 200 awards. The hand-wound 19-jewel caliber earned itself chronometer awards for four consecutive years from 1950 to 1954.

The El Primero caliber is by no doubt a legendary and remarkable timepiece in the industry. It is a high frequency development going at 10 vibrations in each second. This chronograph is by the far the most precise development in history. Even when the quartz insurgency took over in the 70s, Charles Vermot safeguarded this development. The craftsmen took about seven years working on it and in 1984; the El Primero was made into some fine watches. This development alone has been honored with more than 2,300 awards for its precision in timekeeping.

In 1970, the El Primero was subjected to stress testing. A watch containing this caliber was strapped onto the landing gear of a Boeing 707 airplane just before it got across the Atlantic Ocean from Paris to New York. At a temperature of -62 degrees Celsius and an altitude of about ten thousand feet, the watch surprisingly remained unscathed. Furthermore, the watch was able to maintain its accuracy of time at the end of the journey.

The zenith’s newest chronograph is the Defy El Primero 21 that was brought to light in 2018. It is typically a new generation chronograph which encompasses all the expertise and innovations in chronometry. When it comes to design and style this new piece screams nothing but sophistication. It has such a remarkable value given the complexity and how advanced its caliber is. This masterpiece wristwatch is able to measure 1/100th in a mere second. In addition, zenith used a double balanced configuration that comes with two separated regulating panels.

The typical balance of standard timekeeping is at 36,000vph with all the other El Primero calibers. This new chronograph is at a balance of 360,000vph. This is definitely a technology breakthrough. This timepiece makes for the perfect accessory for most gentlemen who just want to add a touch of elegance to their look. There are also other zenith watches (https://www.watchshopping.com/zenith/) models that will fit the needs of just about everyone.

The zenith pocket watch was worn by none other than Mahatma Ghandi, according to HauteTime. This watch was a piece he carried with him almost everywhere for years. It even had an alarm. There are many other celebrities that have also been spotted with zenith watches. This goes a long way to show just how famous and popular this brand is to the world.

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