Your Dental Tourism Checklist – What You Should Consider

Dental tourism is the act of journeying to another country for the purpose of receiving dental. It is typically done with the aim of saving costs or getting access to more advanced dental care. Countries like Portugal, Mexico, and Costa Rica have become booming dental tourism destinations especially for people in the United States.

Before you embark on any journey, the possible risks involved are to be carefully assessed. While one is familiar with what happens in their home country, the rules and practices might be different in a foreign country and this must be taken into account. Dental tourism offers the advantage of saving dental costs while people also enjoy the relaxation of a holiday. However, this relaxation comes with proper planning of the trip with all relevant factors considered and addressed.

Your Dental Tourism Checklist

Draw Up a Budget

There is no planning without budget consideration. Your budget is one of the most essential things to plan for before your dentist visit to a foreign country. For a complete and reliable cost of your treatment plan, contact the clinic. The health center will offer you a cost breakdown quotation that includes your treatments, the cost of each operation, and cost inclusions or exclusions such as medicines and anesthesia.

The travel and accommodation cost should also be included. If you choose to travel, your facilitator can assist you in calculating the price of flights, lodging, food, and additional holiday expenses. Make a list of expenses and sum everything up. Furthermore, in the event of an unforeseeable occurrence, you should have some additional cash on hand for that.

Consider Your Dental History 

Dental history provides information regarding prior treatments, health information, current dental health, and previous major operations (if any). Your current condition is not the only consideration in determining a treatment plan. So, information about your previous treatments may assist foreign dentists in determining the best course of treatment for your individual situation.

Determine the Treatment Plan Before Departure 

It should be noted that this is a dental trip before anything else. Thus, the whole trip should be planned based on dental appointments and treatment. The smarter thing to do is to get a thorough plan for the treatment around which other activities can be slotted in. This helps to prevent scheduling conflicts between your dental treatment sessions and your free time.

What Is the Acceptable Payment Method? 

It is smarter and safer to check with the clinic on acceptable payment methods before embarking on the trip. This will ensure convenience in payment and help with planning your budget. If your bill crosses the hundreds of thousands threshold, additional charges may be aggravated.

Don’t Forget to Make a Travel Plan 

A travel plan is completely different from a treatment plan. While the treatment plan is drawn up by the clinic, the travel plan is decided by you and constructed in such a way that is compatible with your treatment plan. When making a vacation itinerary, consider your lodging, the places you want to see, restaurants that provide the foods and beverages recommended by the doctor, and activities that are compatible with the home care recommendations.

Consider Companionship 

A friend or partner makes every experience feel better. Embarking on your dental tourism with a companion can be as helpful as it will be fun. It can be a friend, spouse, or colleague, provided that such person(s) is reliable and trustworthy. The friend will also help with the planning as planning for a trip can be tedious and frustrating. If there is an emergency, you can count on your companion to help you out. Just make sure your companion knows exactly why you’re traveling and what is expected of them financially. If you expect them to pay their bills, make it clear too. 


Dental tourism is one fun way of figuratively killing two birds with one stone. You will get the treatment you need and a vacation at the same time. However, one aspect has more importance than the others, in that dental care which is the purpose of the trip should have more importance. Dental tourism insurance can also be considered in the planning of your dental tourism. With a proper and carefully laid out plan and a friend by the side, your dental tourism will be an amazing experience.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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