Young Professionals Love Buying Real Estate in These Downtown Areas

Young professionals are characterized by a number of behaviors. Their focus on online purchases and travel are well-known. Financial publications track all of their purchasing habits and tendencies. One of these tendencies is that a large number of these men and women are moving to large metropolitan areas such as New York City and Washington, D.C.

It is true that thousands of young professionals have moved to these major cities over the past decade. But young people are also flocking to many downtown areas across the country that are not necessarily located on major coasts.


Scottsdale is one of America’s fastest-growing cities in one of its fastest-growing states. Arizona has been a center for tourism and retirement moving for decades. But Scottsdale in particular has become a haven for young professionals as well. Men and women flock to the numerous attractions in Old Town Scottsdale. Old Town Scottsdale condos for sale are always in high demand and close to amenities such as museums, historic houses, bars, and restaurants. 

Old Town Scottsdale is home to several major employers in the state. One of these is the HonorHealth Scottsdale Medical Center Osborn branch. Health care is a field that attracts numerous young professionals who are both men and women. There is also a large tourism sector and numerous aviation companies. Living in Scottsdale is significantly more affordable than living in a massive city such as New York or San Francisco.


Nashville is another fast-growing spot in the country. A number of businesses have major locations in the city including Nissan, Amazon, and Asurion. The city is loaded with attractions including the Grand Ole Opry and Centennial Park as well as Bicentennial Park. All of these attractions go along with the low rents, temperate climate, and growth mindset that characterize life in a number of prominent Southern cities. 

There are also a number of educational institutions in the city including Vanderbilt and Middle Tennessee State. Universities are attractive for young professionals because they provide thousands of jobs in the education and health care fields. They also appeal to people who may be considering a new degree in order to further their prospects in the business world. The city is still affordable and has a massive supply of new apartments.


Austin is one of the centers of growth in the massive state of Texas. It is a hub for technology and culture-based companies in the nation. There are prominent universities such as the University of Texas. There are also a number of attractions in the city. 

Austin is the home of the South x Southwest conference and the Alamo Drafthouse. It has a wide variety of art districts, music venues, and artisan barbecue restaurants. In many ways, it is a capital for many of the activities that young professionals have embraced over the past three decades. It remains affordable outside of the most densely populated downtown buildings.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is another growing, affordable town in the west along with Scottsdale. Many young professionals have been attracted to Santa Fe due to its many economic opportunities and climate. Santa Fe offers many of the benefits of a desert climate without some of the drawbacks. While the city is of course hot, it does not reach the soaring temperatures of some locations in California and Arizona. Individuals with arthritis can take advantage of relatively warm temperatures throughout much of the year. 

Other people with allergies and a myriad of conditions that require dry air will enjoy the desert environment. Santa Fe has numerous neighborhoods with attractive Spanish-influenced houses and structures that look as though they are made out of adobe. Companies located in the city include Cities of Gold Casino and Thornburg Investment Management. There are also a number of tourism companies that currently operate in the city and provide entertainment for young professionals looking to move there.


Boise is a recent addition to the list of places that young professionals have started flocking to. It is a city out west that the vast majority of Americans know little about. But to those who know, Boise is a growing hub of business and tourism. Boise has several districts with museums and sidewalk cafes for young professionals. There is a vibrant downtown area with many businesses and apartments where young professionals do not have to drive often. 

The city also has a wide variety of businesses that hire educated, driven individuals. One benefit that Boise has over the other cities on this list is its large agricultural sector. There are several agricultural businesses where individuals with degrees in biology, botany, or chemistry can find jobs and longstanding careers. Boise is also by far the most affordable city to live in on this list and one of the most affordable major cities in the United States.


Young professionals are significantly reshaping the landscape of the cities mentioned above. They have contributed to a significant shift in where people live and a growth of gentrification. Young professionals have also brought millions of dollars in financial and intellectual capital to cities that might not have otherwise received it. These areas will continue to grow for the next few decades. If young professionals are happy and stay in such cities, they may start to reshape the image and national prominence of heartland America. 



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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