Yaniv Bar Chooses His Favorite Halloween-Themed Sneakers

If there’s one thing I learned over the years, it’s that you’re never too old (or young, for that matter) to love Halloween. There’s something about this holiday’s spirit that is different from other ones – maybe because it allows you to feel like a kid again. And just like everyone else who brands themselves especially for October 31st (yes, Oreos, we’re talking about you), the big sneaker brands do not miss out on this celebration.

Whether you’re a genuine sneakerhead or you have some sort of interest in kicks, you’ve probably heard the name Yaniv Bar by now. This one-man sneaker show runs one of the most popular Instagram pages dedicated to sneakers and has his own successful online store, both under the name of YankeeKicks. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to ask him about Halloween sneakers and I was actually surprised at the vast array out there. Yaniv took some time off from his busy schedule (and trust me, he’s a very busy man) to talk about his favorite Halloween kicks.

Nike Air Max 270

“These are quite new, they’re a 2020 edition. The 270s are famous for their extra comfort, so if you’re looking for long distance trick or treating this year, they’re good for you. Notice how cushioned the back part is, to support the heel of your foot. The theme kind of had me a bit disappointed, since I was expecting something more Halloween-ish than just throwing orange and black together, but overall, I must say I really liked them. Classy, comfortable, and not extremely expensive.”

Nike Air Max 270 Halloween
Source – https://yankeekicks.com/first-look-nike-air-max-270-halloween/

Reebok Pump Omni Lite

“An oldie but a goodie. This shoe was released for Halloween 2013, before I even started collecting sneakers, but I certainly have a spot for her in my heart. Notice that the body is very high, making it comfortable for walking outdoors, but the bottom part is aired, so not necessarily a good shoe for rainy days. Just like with the Air Max 270, could have been more Halloween oriented in the theme, but you gotta love them anyway.”

Reebok Pump Omni Lite Pumpkin
Source: www.reebok.com

Adidas D Rose 7

“I’m a big fan of adidas, I truly am, and I have been ever since I started collecting sneakers. They make quality shoes and they always seem to find the right blend of comfort and style. What I really like about the D Rose 7 is their anti-slip mechanism at the sole – it’s something important if you’re into basketball or prefer jogging on rainy days. I really don’t understand how this shoe is a Halloween edition. I mean, yes, the design looks a bit extraterrestrial. But it seems to me that this is not what brings holiday cheer.”

adidas D Rose 7 Halloween
Source: www.adidas.com

Nike Air Max 97

“Alright, this is the closest I’ve seen so far to a real Halloween theme. This shoe hasn’t even been released yet – they’re waiting for Halloween Eve – but it’s already causing a big buzz. Notice the ‘slimy’ design on the side? That is the main theme here. Very cushioned on the bottom but low cut on the top, these are ideal for everyday wear. Oh, and sources say you should try turning off the light and looking at them, since they glow.”

Nike Air Max 97 Slime
Source: https://sneakernews.com/2020/09/22/nike-air-max-97-slime-purple-black-release-info/

Sneaker Buyers and Sellers Unite!

I used the opportunity to ask Yaniv Bar about his new venture, SnkrsDen, as well. A bit of a background: Yaniv was thinking of ways to fight the counterfeit sneaker market when he came up with the idea of an online platform for interactions between buyers and sellers. “It’s basically what it sounds like – a place where people can avoid the middleman and communicate directly. The seller gets extra assurance that the shoe is not fake, and the buyer’s reputation gets a boost from each direct sell.”

The SnkrsDen website is already up and functioning – and the Instagram page already has more thank 30K followers. There’s an app coming soon as well – Yaniv told us that he expects it to be fully functioning and in stores by December this year.

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