Winning With Application Managed Services

application managed services
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If there were ever a time to skimp, it’s certainly not after you’ve gone through the time and expense to implement sophisticated and complex software like Workday or ServiceNow. Nope, you need a consultant that can handle — with aplomb — all the disparate issues that will invariably occur once your new system is up. That’s where application managed services (AMS) come in. These folks will come aboard early and stick with you through the long haul, leaving your company to do what it does best. 

Let’s look closer look at winning with application managed services.

About Application Managed Services

You want your attention to go to accelerating efficient and cost-effective growth, right? Well, you need the help of application managed services, which lower maintenance costs through the synchronization of development, design and testing efforts. Such services also markedly boost business outcomes through improvements in the availability and performance of crucial apps.

The need for such services is growing, by the way:  According to Grand View Research, the global AMS market should surpass $87 billion by 2025.

Why is Application Management Important?

Without application management, your ability to innovate is stymied. You need someone who can consistently handle – from the outset – software maintenance, version control and upgrades. You want all your apps running optimally and efficiently. If you don’t hire someone to take care of that, guess what? Your already hard-working IT team will be burdened with trying to cover it, inevitably falling short because it simply doesn’t have the expertise. Then not only will your pricey system face unnecessary delays – rendering it idle while whatever bugs are worked out, or updates are performed – but your focus on your core business will be disturbed.

And if you do not have an IT department – as is the case with many medium- to small businesses – application managed services providers may be the sole way for you to gain lifecycle system management. You certainly don’t want to hire and train employees – IF your budget allows it – you may not even need later.

How Do I Know if I Need an AMS Provider?

If it has become a challenge to keep your technology solutions – Workday or otherwise – aligned with your evolving business and user requirements, then, yes, you need application managed services now and over the long run to establish a process that maintains app efficiency.

You also may need to sign on with an AMS consultant if you’re dealing with decreasing productivity and rising costs, and you can’t seem to achieve business value.

What Kind of AMS Provider Do I Need?

If you have Workday or ServiceNow, you need a consultant with that kind of specialty. Mercer, for instance, can help you create a product action plan that hews to your rollout schedule, and can also help you manage your calendar in terms of event preparation.

In addition, Mercer can provide update assistance that includes assessing your current setup to make sure your update cycle is successful.

What’s more, the company offers product environment configurations as well as functionality support, plus regular training, and knowledge transfer opportunities. 

Oh, and did we mention that Mercer has a 92% customer satisfaction rating? That is darned excellent.

As you can see, winning with application managed services is a cinch because the benefits of utilization are dynamic and manifold. You need an established company such as Mercer to help you establish best practices, techniques, and procedures so that you can enhance, extend, and upgrade your critical apps and infrastructure.

Do not try to go this alone. That, in fact, could do more harm than good.

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