Will Your Auto Insurance Cover You Outside of the Country?

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Road trips are a great way to explore new cities, but before you start your adventure, you must ensure you are properly prepared. The right insurance policy is a must to ensure convenience and safety. Being aware of what your policy covers is equally essential because you must understand your coverage type.

Car insurance will protect you in the event of an accident, but will your auto insurance cover you when you are out of the country? If you plan to drive while visiting another country, you need to know whether or not you are protected, and in most cases, your car insurance policy will cover you in the U.S. but may not be enough to cover costs that arise if you were to injure someone while there.

Determine your coverage

It is highly recommended that you contact an isure broker to discuss your policy and what you should do if you plan on travelling to (and driving in) another country, says MoneyHelper. We will be happy to discuss your policy in detail to provide you with a better understanding of your coverage. We will make professional recommendations regarding any changes that should be made to ensure you are covered while driving abroad. 

Generally speaking, car insurance will protect you and your passengers, even if you are driving outside of your home province (more information). If you are ever hurt in a collision in the U.S., your policy’s mandatory accident benefits coverage will cover some medical costs. However, it may not cover all medical expenses, which is why you need to understand the details of your policy. This also may not be true if you travel elsewhere, like Europe or Asia. Depending on your coverage, consider additional travel insurance before you leave for your trip.

Optional protection

You can also consider optional insurance coverages for additional protection. Speaking to an isure broker will help inform you of the steps you need to take to file a claim while across the border. Most people will be happy with their auto insurance policy regarding coverage in the U.S.; however, you may run into problems when travelling to other countries. Some auto insurance policies may be invalid in Europe or Asia, and you need to check with your broker before travelling to ensure you have the right coverage. 

Always review your existing policies to make informed decisions before travelling to another country. 

Out-of- country Auto Insurance

Looking for additional protection before you travel? Contact an insurance broker today. They will answer all of your questions and ensure you have the best policy for your needs.

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