Will the Smart Car Seat Be Coming to Your Car?

An intelligent power seat is often found in a high-end car, and its cost are obviously higher than manual seats, but do you know where the manufacturers are spending their costs. Don’t you want to know the simple mechanical principles that enable the various regulatory functions? Today, Changyi will give you the easy way to master the working rationale of the smart car seat.

The control circuit of the automatic seat includes the front and back sliding adjustment of the seat and the waist cushion, up and down adjustment of the front seat and the headrest, the tilt adjustment of the backrest, etc. The front and back adjustment of the waist cushion is directly controlled by the waist cushion switch and the waist cushion motor.

The driver can control all adjustments by manipulating the electric seat switch. When the seat position is adjusted, press the storage and reset switch, and the electronic control device will store the signals of each position sensor for the next time when the seat position is restored. In the next use, as long as the reset switch is pressed, the seat ECU will drive the seat motor and adjust the seat to the original position. This operation is mainly completed by seat position sensor, electronic controller ECU and actuator drive motor. Sensors include position sensor, rearview mirror position sensor, seat belt buckle sensor and steering wheel tilt sensor, etc. ECU includes input interface, microcomputer CPU and output processing circuit, etc.

How to Realize Memory Function

Memory storage seat control system is a typical automotive electronic control system. Automobile electronic control system (ECS) is composed of single-chip microcomputer. The sensor is the main component of information acquisition, mainly used to collect automobile status information and various physical, chemical and electrical information, and the signal input to the ECU. The signals received by the sensor are divided into analog signals and digital signals, which need to be converted into digital signals by A/D converter for further processing. ECU is the core component of the automotive electronic control system, which can process the information transmitted by the sensor, respond to the signal through the pre-programmed control program, and issue various control instructions to command the executive part.

Intelligent Power Seat Shinning Points

 Massage Function

For drivers who need to maintain a fixed driving posture in long-distance driving, the smart seat of Changyi regularly runs to relax driver’s fatigue. According to the electric seat setting of the vehicle factory, the system intelligently stops for 15 minutes.

 Courtesy Function
In terms of getting on and off the car, due to the narrow space in the driver’s seat, the drivers often have to touch the steering wheel, especially some tall or fat drivers. But if they have the intelligent power seat, they will have an incredible experience. The seat is adjusted intelligently when the driver gets on/ off the car, leaving enough space for them to prevent the oppressing sensation.

 Pneumatic Waist Support
The airbag is inflated, combining the four-way waist support, so it protects the health and safety of the lumbar vertebra.
 Memory Function
Subsequent to squeezing the key “M” when the driver alters the seat to the suitable position, the seat will be at the status of memory position. When the indicator is on, press Button 1 or Button 2 to memorize one set of positions. If the driver wants to sit as the last time quickly, just needs to press the button.
 Seat Cushion Heating
Simply squeezing the catch, the smart turbofan and permeable airbag will prevent sweat on the back and hip, which keep the driver cool and agreeable constantly.

 Boss Key
The passengers on the back seat can alter the seat to control the separation from the front seat by squeezing the catch on the side, which is helpful to pick the most agreeable distance.

For more information, please watch the video: https://changyi-china.com.cn/2018/07/02/changyi-intelligent-auto-car-seat/.



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