Why You Should Use Vectorizer for Image Vectorization

Vector images are preferred when you cannot use raster images, since these images lose their sharpness when they are enlarged. You can easily scale vector images up to any desired size without losing any quality. Freelancers and other graphic designers therefore prefer to use vector images, and they are also used in areas such as CAD software and advertising to draw designs and complete projects.

If you are looking for a free online image vectorization tool, we would recommend that you use Vectorizer to get high-quality results. We go on to explain why below…

Raster Graphics vs. Vector Graphics

Raster Graphics

The image you capture through your phone is in the raster format (.png, .jpg, and tiff). If you zoom in on raster photographs, you will notice that small dots called pixels appear on the screen, and the image becomes blurry. This is a way to show that the image is a raster graphic.

Vector Graphics

A vector graphic is a special type of graphic in which lines, curves, and geometrical shapes are used to form a photo based on complex mathematical equations. We see numerous vector images (SVG, eps, and ai files) around us every day, but probably do not recognize them. Vector graphics are commonly used for brand logos, animations, and 3D-like rendering.

Compared to raster graphics, the lines and curves of vector graphics remain smooth no matter how zoomed in the photo is. With vector graphics, each color is filled in its own shape. Because of this, you can change the colors quickly and easily in just a few clicks.  

Why Should You Use Vectorizer for Image Vectorization

Vectorizer is an online tool that provides image vectorization services without any cost. The below points will indicate why you should use this tool…

Free tool

Vectorizer is one of the few image vectorization tools that is free of charge. You don’t have to install the software, or register to the website to use its service.

User Friendly

Converting raster into a vector is a quite complicated process. You need to have the skill and expertise to use software like Adobe Illustrator to make vectors. However, when using Vectorizer, you do not need to have such skills. The site is super easy to use. You just have to upload an image, and click on the download button to get a vector image.

High-Quality Vector Images

One of the key benefits of using Vectorizer is that it produces high-quality vector images. In fact, it is comparable to the quality of vector images produced by paid software.

Quick Results

All you need is a good internet connection to get your vector image via Vectorizer. With Vectorizer, you can upload up to 20 raster images at a time, and get them converted into vectors very quickly.

Give Vectorizer a try by visiting https://vectorizer.com/.



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