Why You Should Use a Plagiarism Checker…

Why You Should Use a Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is an important concept that needs to be kept in mind while writing content. Plagiarism does not only apply just to blog writing, but it applies to all kinds of content writing. Plagiarism is the duplication or copying of content from a website or any other external source, and publishing it under your name, or your company’s name. In today’s modern world, checking plagiarism holds a lot of importance and content checking is becoming more stringent by the day.

Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is divided into several different types. The different types of plagiarism include…

Content Scraping

Content scraping is the most well-known type of plagiarism. It includes lifting the entirety, or certain segments of content, and publishing them as your own creation. It’s for the most part done by organizations who hesitate when it comes to spending money on unique and creative content. A lot of these websites usually exist for the sole purpose of giving links to other websites. More about content scraping here – https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/bots/what-is-content-scraping/.

Spun Content

Spinning an article can be done both manually and via automated programs. This involves manipulating and changing the sentence structure, as well as certain words from the content created by another person. Spun content is usually difficult to read, and doesn’t flow naturally for a native English speaker. The content may pass a plagiarism test, but it will usually offer very little in the way of usable content for your readers. This article explains why you should avoid spun content.

Unintentional Copying

This usually happens because of the negligence on the part of a content writer. Writing another person’s thoughts and failing to refer to the source is unintentional plagiarism. Something like this is commonly seen in academic projects (like Ph.D. thesis’), where the students forget to mention the source.

Importance of a Plagiarism Checker

If you publish copied or stolen content on your website, you can get hit with a copied content punishment from web search tools such as Google. This has the potential to reduce your traffic and earnings.

If you knowingly publish copied content without referring the source, you could find yourself in legal trouble.

This is why you should use an online plagiarism checker such as that offered by https://www.oxsic.com/. Any time you are about to publish content, run it through their plagiarism checker to ensure it passes their test. This means you will not be hit with any copied content penalties if you own a website, or if you are writing a paper for university, you will not be accused of copying other people’s works. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed…

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