Why You Should Study For A Nursing Degree

It’s not hard to see why nursing is such a popular profession. Although it’s a lot of hard work and there is plenty of studying to do, not to mention practical clinical work, the rewards are substantial in all kinds of ways. 

When you are a nurse, you are there to help people. No matter what you do or how you do it, this is at the heart of the job, and it’s why many people choose to become nurses in the first place. However, although helping people is rewarding, it’s not the only amazing thing about nursing, and it’s not the sole point that makes nursing such a fantastic field to study for and in which to work. 

With this in mind, the following are some of the best reasons why you should study for a nursing degree and pursue this incredible profession. 

Nursing Is Rewarding And Fulfilling

Most people will agree that nurses are highly respected and appreciated people, and this notion is warranted; nurses take on a lot of work and responsibility, and they do it all for other people, ensuring their patients – and very often their patients’ families – have the ultimate in care and compassion. On top of this, nurses have to know a huge amount about medication and wound care, various treatments, and symptoms of a wide range of conditions. 

Due to all of this – and much more – it makes sense that your role as a nurse is a rewarding and fulfilling one. Part of this comes from knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life, and in many cases, you’ll know that instantly – whether it’s because of a ‘thank you’ from the patient themselves, information that comes from other healthcare professionals, or simply seeing an improvement in the health of the person you are treating. 

The visible rewards from nursing have you immediately know you have done well and that what you did was worth doing. In many jobs, this kind of instant and welcomed feedback doesn’t happen, and you might never hear about how you’ve helped someone at all (assuming you even have). But as a nurse, you will often go home at the end of a shift and know that the fact you went to work that day made someone else feel better, either physically, emotionally, or perhaps even both. 

Job Stability And Security 

If you research the state of the nursing profession around the world, one thing will become clear; there is a nursing shortage. Although, in most ways, this is not a good thing because it means that nurses can be overworked and patient care might suffer. However, one beneficial fact is that the shortage does offer nurses a sense of stability and security; nurses are desperately needed, so when you find a job, it’s usually yours for as long as you want it. 

With the world economy teetering on collapse, many people are finding life stressful. Their jobs are potentially on the line, and they may not know what to do to ensure they can keep them. But more often than not, nurses don’t have to worry about this; they are always going to be in demand no matter what is happening around the globe. The population is growing older and bigger, and therefore, healthcare remains ever important, and the more nurses there are, the better. 

Having job security is important for peace of mind, and it can contribute to positive mental health as you won’t be stressed about losing your work. This lack of stress will thus allow you to focus on your work, enjoy your job more, and provide a better service to your patients, which means security is ideal in so many different ways – both to you and your patients. 

The Potential To Work In Other Countries 

As mentioned, there is a nursing shortage around the world, which means that if you have the right qualifications because you studied hard for your ABSN online and are now certified to work as a nurse, you can work almost anywhere in any country. 

Despite the fact that nursing practices might differ slightly from country to country, you can easily study the differences before starting your new job in a new place – or even once you get there. The good thing about working abroad is that the basics of nursing, which you already know, won’t change too much from place to place; it’s just the specifics of where you are that you’ll need to consider. 

Another point to think about is learning the language of the land if you are going somewhere where the people speak a different tongue to your own. Communication is vital when you are a nurse, and not speaking the same language as your patients, their families, and your colleagues will make your job harder. 

However, if you have language skills, your nursing certification (and ideally experience), and you want to explore new places while you work, nursing in a foreign country is an incredible opportunity. Plus, you don’t have to stick to one place – a nurse’s job can essentially be theirs for life, but if you want to move on at any time, either through promotion, going to a different department, or venturing to a new workplace (potentially in another country), there is no reason you can’t. Nursing grants a lot of freedom of choice regarding how and where you work, so make the most of that liberty and pick a job in a place that suits you.

Your Skills Are Useful Outside Of Work

The skills and experience you gain through attaining your nursing degree and other qualifications, as well as actually working as a nurse, are so important to your job and allow you to do it well. However, something that it’s easy to overlook is how important your skills and experience can be in other areas of your life too. 

Of course, everyone hopes that nothing untoward or emergent happens at home, and people want their home lives to be peaceful and happy. But you never know what might occur, and having the skills and experience gained through being a nurse means that you will always be prepared for anything that could happen outside of work. This could be someone falling ill at home, or perhaps an accident when you are out and you are the only one with medical knowledge who can help until an ambulance arrives. 

When you are a nurse, not only will you have the skills needed to help people no matter where you are, but you’ll be happy to put those skills to good use. You won’t be showing off or doing it for attention; you’ll be doing it because you want to help, and that is the core of nursing and why so many people realize it’s the kind of career they can enjoy for many years to come. 

No Two Days Are The Same 

Some jobs are very boring to some people. You leave for work at the same time every day, do the same work (or very similar work), and leave at the same time every day. Naturally, for some people, this is not a problem at all – the work might not be overly stimulating, but it suits their personality, and it enables them to have a great work-life balance. 

For some people, however, this would be a terrible way to work. It would be tedious to the extent that they would actively hate going to work, and this would not only make them miserable while they were there, but it would affect every other part of their life as well; work would always be an issue even when they weren’t there. This could lead to depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout – or even a combination of these problems. 

Although it has to be said that stress and burnout are issues that some nurses face, and you must put as many measures in place as possible to prevent them from occurring and minimize the risk, the fact is that boredom is not something that nurses have to work around – another reason why studying to become a nurse is the perfect solution to many people’s unfulfilling work issues. 

When you are a nurse, no two days are ever the same. Even if you always work in the same department with the same people, you’ll have different patients with different injuries, ailments, and treatment plans most days. Moreover, there are sure to be emergencies to deal with. The intense, yet fascinating truth about this line of work is that you just never know what each day will entail, and that is exciting – you can start each shift with positive anticipation of what is to come. 

Ultimately, if you are easily bored and dislike routine, but you want a job you can enjoy and that will make a difference, there is nothing better for you to choose than nursing. 

There Are Many Nursing Specializations To Choose From

Following on from the above point about nursing not being a job that will ever bore you, it’s also important to note that it’s the type of career that offers plenty of choice, starting with the number of jobs available; there is sure to be something that suits you, even if it might mean working further away from home in some cases. 

However, as well as an abundance of jobs, there is also ample choice within those jobs. Nurses don’t have to be generalists; they can specialize if they want to and dedicate their time to specific departments like the ER, or work with certain types of people, such as children or cancer patients. As long as you have the qualifications and the experience, you can specialize in all kinds of nursing, 

Even if you choose one branch of nursing, that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and learn about another and move to that one if you feel it would suit you better. We all change over time, and it might be that sticking with one type of nursing isn’t right for you. Choose something that suits you, and you’ll always be happy at work, even when it’s a hard day. 

There Are Leadership Opportunities 

If you are ambitious and you feel you would make a good leader, you might not immediately consider nursing to be a career that would work for you. You might instead think of business or finance. However, what if business and finance don’t interest or excite you like nursing does? Will you have to compromise? 

The answer is no. If you love the idea of being a nurse and you want to be a leader, you can combine the two; nurse leadership is crucial and is something that you can work towards in a variety of different ways. 

Nursing Is Your Calling 

Not everyone is drawn to nursing, and even those who decide to take on the challenge might not think of it as their vocation. In contrast, for some, nursing is a true calling; it’s what they’ve always wanted to do, and they can think of nothing else that would work for them. 

Nursing is hard, and that should not be understated. You’ll need to study, gain experience, work shifts and long hours, and initially, you might not like the salary expectations as much as those of other jobs (although this does improve as you move forward in your career). It’s not just physically demanding, it takes an emotional toll as well, especially when you find yourself having to deal with trauma and even death. 

Yet, for those who feel a genuine passion to become a nurse, none of that is an issue. Of course, they’ll still have to find ways to cope with the hardships they face in this field, and they’ll need to ensure they don’t burn out. But in essence, it doesn’t matter to them because they simply want to be a nurse and help as many people as possible. Does this sound like you? If so, there is no reason not to get started and make your long-held dream finally come true. 

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