Why You Should Stop Using Disposable Coffee Cups

Stop Using Disposable Coffee Cups

Stakeholders in the coffee making industry have taken the campaign to the consumers. Everyone is talking about the environmental threats caused by the use of paper coffee cups.

Every year, billions of paper coffee cups are deposited in landfills when they shouldn’t be, and these paper coffee cups can cause great harm to our environment.

There has been a trend in recent times for everyone to embark on more environmentally friendly practices, and one of these ways that we can all help is to use less disposable paper cups in favor of reusable coffee cups.

Disposable cups that are used to sell coffee in retail shops today are made from paper or plastics. These are the coffee cups that should be avoided.

Here are the top reasons why you should stop using disposable coffee cups…

Disposable Coffee Cups are Non-Biodegradable

Everyone who enjoys their coffee by drinking from one of these disposable cups will eventually throw away the cup, and a part of it may remain in the earth for another 500 years.

These disposable coffee cups are lined with polystyrene, which is a derivative of petroleum. Polystyrene is not easily decomposed. This is why it is best to avoid products, such as coffee cups, that have been partly made with this material if we want to help the environment.

Paper Coffee Cups Contain Polyethylene

Paper coffee cups are also lined with polyethylene, which makes the paper coffee cups leak-proof and more durable.

However, polyethylene that is used to line the inner parts of paper coffee cups is environmentally unfriendly and non-biodegradable. This is the reason the recycling companies find it difficult to recycle paper coffee cups.

The Coffee Sleeves Trend

Coffee sleeves are helpful because they make it possible to hold a hot cup of coffee while you walk around town. Coffee sleeves have encouraged the use of disposable coffee cups. The consumers can carry their favorite brew away from the coffee shop and dispose the cup in a waste bin when they are finished. If coffee shops stopping giving out these coffee sleeves, it would encourage consumers to sit in the coffee shop and have their coffee, leading to reduced waste.

Reusable Coffee Cups – The Solution

Reusable cups can be used for coffee and other beverages. All we need to do is purchase a reusable cup, and it will last for many years. This will eliminate the need for paper cups. Reusable coffee cups cause zero pollution, and pose no threat to the environment.

What’s more, you can enjoy incentives from coffee retailers when you bring in your reusable coffee cup. For example, places such as Starbucks give a small discount on your coffee, if you use a reusable coffee cup.

A website I would recommend for reusable coffee cups is globalwakecup.com. You will find many different designs of reusable coffee cups to match your taste. Their sustainable products have excellent value for money, and they give 10% of their profits to charities in the ocean conservation area. They also do other products such as vegan backpacks and bamboo straws, aswell as stylish copper water bottles.

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