Why You Should Opt for Customized Perfume Bottles

customized perfume bottles

If you are looking for the most creative and innovative custom designs for perfume bottles, you should definitely check the portfolio at Abely Perfume. They specialize in offering perfume packaging with a focus on personalized perfume packaging solutions. Moreover, their wholesale prices are rather competitive and can be safely considered the best on the market.

Perfume Bottle Designs That Will Write History for Your Fragrance

A fragrance represents a statement of class and personality, as each scent can transmit distinct meanings. Several brands use fragrances to underline their approach, somehow making their aromas unforgettable and easily recognizable.

Yet a fragrance can’t catch the public’s attention without the aid of a great perfume bottle design. Moreover, when a perfume is firstly released on the market, its value is firstly expressed in the perfume packaging. The visual factor is rather important for olfactory marketing, as a perfume must be unique in both aroma and packaging.

Hence, this is the main reason why perfume designers opt for custom perfume packaging solutions. Perfume bottles function similar to a cover or the gift wrap of an offering.  A custom perfume bottle design needs to be inspired by the fragrance inside.

Also, the materials used for both the bottle and the package have an important role on how the perfume will be welcomed on the market. The best perfume bottle designs are made from qualitative materials, commonly being created from glass. This boosts the overall appeal of the product, offering an exclusive touch of luxurious style.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Perfume Bottles?

So, if you are just about to launch a fragrance, a custom perfume bottle might be the perfect solution for you. And if you are asking yourself why, well, releasing a new perfume to the market is quite hard to promote. That’s because there is nothing new in a standard bottle. Hence, a personalized perfume bottle, with customized elements which matches your brand perfectly could stimulate consumers and make a deep expression at first sight.

To create the perfect perfume bottle, according to FastCompany, you need to take into account the following tips:

  • Your brand image, audience and type of fragrance will offer insight about the suitablecustom perfume bottles;
  • A custom perfume packaging solution will add that visual appeal your fragrance needs;
  • Consult with the firm providing such services for additional information about colouring and other small details you might add to your design.

Choose the Custom Services at Abely Perfume

Abely Perfume is specialized in primary packaging that completes nicely secondary packaging solutions. With a main focus on providing the best custom perfume bottles, their portfolio reveals the professionalism of their team and services.

The nicely and beautifully designed perfume bottles can match any type of fragrance. Also, at Abely you will find custom perfume packaging solutions, tailored to the specifics of your product. Their services include:

  • Exclusive design;
  • Experienced engineer team for free consulting;
  • Unique decorations and accessories;
  • Wide range of customized packaging solution

Custom made perfume bottles and packaging are what makes a brand recognizable. Abely Perfume has a vast experience in designing exclusive glass perfume bottles from the most qualitative materials. Also, their team makes use only of professional tools and innovative technology, just so they offer you the best custom perfume bottles solutions.

Discover today how easy it is to make your brand unique with Abely Perfume’s service. No matter if you are seeking for custom perfume bottles or custom perfume packaging, there is always a personalized solution available for you.

Check out these designs that have really stood the test of time…



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